A Blog is Born

Welcome to this new blog, which replaces a personal web page. That page was created at the beginning of June 2020, when my colleague Russell Powell and I coauthored an open letter to the President and Provost of Boston University, arguing that during this pandemic, university teachers at BU should be permitted to teach their courses online if they wish to. About a week later, we posted a petition, which has so far collected over 1400 signatures, many from BU professors and lecturers, but also many from BU students. If you are a university teacher or student who hasn’t signed it, please do so. Our university administration is continuing to pursue a policy that other universities (e.g. MIT, Duke and Chicago) humanely reject; these other universities agree with us that all teaching employees that wish to teach online should be allowed to teach online. If you have any news about policies or developments on campus, please email allcaution@gmail.com.
Daniel Star