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In partnership with POPfilms’s Alexander A. Motlagh, PushPush is excited to announce the creation of CultivEight, a pilot program aimed at connecting writers and producers with resources for developing quality, original content in Atlanta and other markets.

CultivEight will be a structured development process, teaming writers with directors, show-runners and producers. The program will include professional consultation, script feedback, public and private readings, and substantive rewrites inside of an 8-month timeframe.

For this beta round of the first CultivEight session, up to 30 scripts/treatments will be considered for participation. Measurable outcomes will include connections, opportunities and script development for eight participating writers, and identifying at least three scripts as stand-outs to slate for potential production, in various budget tiers. The first CultivEight round runs November 2014-June 2015.

Submission info will be available in early December.

For more details contact

The program is supported in part by an NEA ArtWorks grant.




Your Immersive, Experiential Show: Design & Authenticity with Zach Morris of Third Rail Projects

Sunday, November 9, 2014 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EST)

Atlanta, GA

Your Immersive, Experiential Show: Design &...




The Future of Filmmaking with Brian Newman

Wednesday, Oct. 30, 7pm – $10

Brian Newman is the founder of Sub-Genre, a strategic consulting
companyfocusing on business development projects in the
entertainment and cultural industries. Brian is also the
co-founder and CEO of Crowd Play, LLC a recently funded
start-up launching a mobile application called Flicklist.
Brian has served as CEO of the Tribeca Film Institute,
president of Renew Media and executive director of
IMAGE Film & Video.


Puppet Workshop with Florian Loycke

of Berlin’s Das Helmi

Monday, Oct. 28, 7pm – $10

Make found object puppets with Florian (supplies provided),
then discuss touring and filmmaking in Europe, making and
traveling with puppets and adapting classics for a modern
audience. Artists, come learn how the Europeans do it!
8 Days of Puppet Anarchy w/ Das HelmiCORRECTION:  The 2nd Dust on Our Hearts screening at Goethe Zentrum is on November 5th at 8pm. 



FORK & MERGE: Collaborative Script Writing in the Digital World

In partnership with Atlanta Film Festival 365 and The Plaza Theater, PushPush presents the first in a series of new workshops to increase engagement and improve script writing for for the digital age!

Most of us work, share and create on some digital platform everyday. Few think about the challenges of organizational structure when thinking about creativity. How can we work with the micromanagers, the deciders, and the overly sensitive when originating new content? How can we inspire our own work while connecting it to the resources needed in a team setting? There are new and bold ideas coming out of team writing and writing with partners.

Collaborative writing aids in problem finding as well as problem solving, in learning abstractions, transfer and assimilation, and fosters interdisciplinary thinking. Inspired by GitHub and other collaborative writing strategies, The Fork & Merge Collaborative Writing Workshop will connect you to growing trends in content creation. This is a hands-on workshop where each writer will create new work, alone and with one another. The workshop will not be about judging or commenting on the work.  It will be a practice for increasing creativity with your own work, and within a team.

Why GitHub? Originally designed forsoftware programmers, the GitHub model allows developers to share code. It keeps track of who made what changes and where. It helps to merge all those changes toward a more cohesive final draft. It controls various versions of an open source project and allows writers to make their own decisions. You upload content, and others contribute, fork it, and merge with hit.  We love this model, and will use the model as the base format for the workshop.

The workshop will be co-lead by Jim Destefano, GRFX Series Project Designer, and TIm Habeger, PushPush Artistic Director and GRFX Series Project Creator. The workshop will also host a variety of noted writers and content creators including Charles Judson from the Atlanta Film Festival, who will discuss the current state of local writing from the perspective of the Festival, what contributes to the deficit, and what is missing from the many stories that they review.

This six-session, hands-on workshop will feature:

–leading guest writers and industry professionals
–weekly assignments
–in class writing and discussion
–contribution to the content of others including forking off of and merging ideas
–theory will meet practice in problem-solving
–discussions with leading professionals
–opportunities for featured content

The team work and assignments will yield new material for everyone. Ultimately, our goal is for this new work to be reflected in various ways (live, online, or broadcast) as part of the development process of our original episodic series, GRFX.

Fork & Merge

Collaborative Script Writing in the Digital Age

Wednesdays from 6-8pm

11/14, 11/21, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, 1/9

114 New Street, East Decatur Station, Decatur, GA

Pay-What-You-Can $15-$25 per class or $60 for all 6.

Click to register online 

 Laptops required.  Bold ideas supported. All writers welcome!