Opening March 13, 2016!


An immersive tale about love & risk, served with small plates, signature cocktails and live jazz. Chef Mike LaSage will prepare tasty *vegetarian* dishes for this two-hour story experience, but if you leave feeling carnivorous, then join us at BoneLick BBQ right next door after the show! 21+ NO LATE SEATING. TIX ONLINE ONLY.


Hillary wig CU2014/2015

THE HILLARY GAME by Guy Zimmerman is a live thriller told through the training of a female drone operator. This psychological adventure about technology and human connection is the newest creation by PushPush and Padua Playwrights. With previews at The Decatur Book Fest and 7 Stages, the show opens in Atlanta at The Goat Farm Arts Center Nov. 5-8, with encore performances Dec. 3-6. Following that there were be three performances in Los Angeles at The Vortex Theater starting December 20th, 2014. With information from these workshop performances, The Hillary Game will go back into rehearsals in Atlanta and LA for a 2nd phase of development to include film and drone technology. To get more information on this show or others in this list contact


2014-08-05 20.08.24THE GARY PLAYS by Murray Mednick is an epic stage serial, live over several days, it takes audiences through one man’s American fall and redemption after the random death of his son. Starring John Diehl as Gary (The West Wing, The Shield, Jurassic Park 111), along with actors from Atlanta, LA and New York, this co-production with Padua Playwrights is an adventure into the work of the legendary Murray Mednick. Starts early spring of 2015 in Atlanta and New York.


2014-04-04 17.40.20GRFX (“graphics”) is an original film series by PushPush. About modern creatives trying to balance art-making with bill-paying, the story follows two brothers and their company of artists as they struggle to keep their “boy’s club” comic book company relevant. As one of Atlanta’s home-grown stories, GRFX is a sustainable venture meant to showcase many local talents. Developed with an NEA Media Arts grant, season one production is slated for winter of 2016.


2014-08-03 13.31.27CULTIVEIGHT is an 8-month pilot program supported in part by a grant from the NEA, aimed at connecting local writers and producers with resources for developing quality, original content in Atlanta and other markets.  

In partnership with POPfilms’s Alexander A. Motlagh, the first round of CultivEight will be Nov 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015.






Ericson Clock with Shelby Hofer in See Through as Jenny Rose (2)

SEE THROUGH ME is an ambulatory performance where audiences are party guests immersed into a story with visual artists, musicians, and other performers. Inside a scripted narrative that is patron-developed each night, the show’s unique dreamscape extrapolates themes in the life an eight year-old girl confined to her room while her parents throw a party.







2013 Small Tall Camp Curtain Call Pic (800x383)YOUTOPIA is an original short film by Chaney Kwak, adapted for film by Aimee McCoy and TIm Habeger with PushPush’s Young Filmmakers Workshop.

Premieres 2015.