Twas the first day of school, and I rocked it like a Mother!

Dropped all the kids off without even a stutter.

Packed lunches and snack packs and even some fruit.

Kissed foreheads, tied sneakers, all my kiddos looked cute.

Took pictures to remember this very special day.

It’s the first time ALL my kids are at school, can I get a HEYYYYY!

Everyone’s backpack was full to the brim.
After drop off guess what??? I made it to the gym.

My morning was tight, but no sweat off my brow.
Got some chicken in the crock pot, gonna fix it Kung Pow.

Time to saddle up and head over to parent pick-up.
I’ll blast some T-Swift, the other Mom’s will know what’s up!

Then off to  7 Eleven for a first day of school Slurpee treat.

“Please don’t take your shoes off in the car, you have smelly feet!”
Time to head home and start on homework.

homework dog
I’ll be filling out school forms for the next week like a clerk.

Sign here and sign there, blood and urine sample too?
Can we digitize this paperwork? I’ll upload for you.

So another year begins, here’s to crazy days and chatter.
Because educating our kids, is all that really matters.


2 Thoughts on “Twas The First Day Of School

  1. Cheryl Fullington on August 11, 2015 at 4:45 pm said:

    Well said! I can particularly relate to the smelly feet!

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