Utah Sushi Classes



We can work with almost any reasonable budget.  Each event is customized with exactly the kind of sushi you wish to have.  We offer everything from Sea Urchin to California rolls.  For a quote, please send the details of your event below or call 801.808.9108.  Include the number of people attending and the kinds of sushi you'd like to have.


 The following are our most popular rolls.  We can also create custom rolls for any event.

PLAY BOY • shrimp tempura,  avocado, topped with tuna, drizzled with spicy aioli and eel sauce

MARSshrimp tempura, cucumber, topped with crab and tuna, drizzled with spicy aioli

SEXY SALMON salmon, lemon slices, tempura fried, topped with spicy aioli and scallions

HAWAIIAN DRAGON • smoked eel, mango, topped with broiled eel, avocado and ginger

SHRIMP TEMPURAshrimp tempura, cucumber, spicy aioli

TROPICAL TUNAyellow fin tuna, mango, tempura fried

VEGAN cucumber, avocado, carrots, daikon sprouts

PHILADELPHIAsalmon, cream cheese, avocado

CALIFORNIAreal crab, avocado, cucumber

SPICY TUNAyellow fin tuna, spicy aioli

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