…in the MothaF*ing house!! That’s right peeps, you’re eyes are not deceiving you and just when you thought they wouldn’t be shown again, the Mercurial SL’s have appeared from obscurity to grace us with their presence… and hopefully it’s not for one night only. The heads over at Nike are probably grinning with glee in [...]

Throughout the final phases of this years UCL, I laid claim that Manchester United would be crowned kings of European football, article here. My prediction was based purely on their desire to win matches and their wealth of attacking options. I still back that claim, all be it with some hesitation though. Recently, Chealsea proved [...]

20 days, 12 border crosses, 4 train journeys, 2 flights, 3 bus trips and a ride on the back of a donkey and I finally made it to Moscow for the UCL final!! And I almost didn’t get into the country cause I don’t have a ticket. Thanks to my advanced understandings of Commies, their [...]