Tuesday matchesAaB 0 v 2 Man. UnitedArsenal 3 v 1 PortoBATE 1 v 2 JuventusBayern 1 v 1 LyonFenerbahçe 2 v 0 Dynamo KyivFiorentina 3 v 0 FC Steaua BucureştiVillarreal 2 v 1 CelticZenit 1 v 1 Real Madrid Wednesday matchesAnorthosis 0 v 1 PanathinaikosAtlético 2 v 1 MarseilleBordeaux 1 v 3 RomaCFR 0 v [...]

Internazionale 0 v 1 AC Milan

It was a fiery encounter which saw Inter lose its first match of the season and Milan get back to winning ways. We also saw Kaka, Ronnie and Pato link up on several occasions and most notably for the goal… and what a way to score your first goal mind you! Anyway, I especially liked [...]

This match didn’t really interest me much, but I’m throwing it in cause I stated here last week that it would be interesting to see how long City would be able keep up the blistering momentum which destroyed Portsmouth. Turns out what ever was burning, fizzled out or whatever was being handed out, dried up… [...]

Uh oh! Cristiano’s back! WARNING: Defenders stay on your feet inside the box.Ronaldo and Rooney opened their accounts on the weekend, while new boy Berbatov is still queuing up and Tevez, well he’s been as menacing as ever. Wow… that’s some strike force! Almost as good as the Fantastic Four, only without the chick… but [...]

Arsenal 1 v 2 Hull City

For the first time ever in history, Hull City (The Tigers) defeated Arsenal (The Gunners) and kept their blistering unbeaten away form intact. For only the second time ever in history Arsenal were beaten at the Emirates… and for only the third time ever in history I pulled 2 blondes and a brunette last night… [...]

Portsmouth 0 v 4 Chelsea

The defensive nightmare continued for Portsmouth, the league’s new whipping boys, as they were hit for 4 more last night. For those who lost count, that’s 10 in 2! This is getting ridiculous now like when you forget the safe word at club Vandersexxx and they start administering the testicle clamps… you huff and puff [...]

Sheffield United 0 v 6 Arsenal

Just when you thought it was safe to play football against a group of teenagers, Arsene Wenger releases his own personal experiment onto the field like a pack of wolves who haven’t eaten in months… hunting for the flesh of Red and White Wizards. Single handedly picked and pieced together from all reaches of the [...]

6 well worked goals by 6 different scorers… whatever Manchester City’s on… I think they should give some to Tottenham (who again failed to impress or even get 3 points).Surely it must be the ‘Robinho’ effect or the arrival of the new gazillionare owners. Since buying the club everything has seemed to gell at the [...]

So it appears that the vast majority of commentators and pundit’s alike, present company included, underestimated the abilities of Manchester United even though their performances over the last month have been lackluster. Contrary to everyone’s guesses, Sir Ferg chose to start the match with caution and to try and eliminate the threat of Bosingwa and [...]

The shit-slinging match began a week ago after Terry’s sending off against City and at last count Chelsea were leading that battle approx. 5-2 with United’s only real hope in the match being the return of Siegfried & Roy… oops I mean Berbatov and Ronaldo. It’s a must-win game for them, but a good time [...]

What do you get when you miss dozens of chances in front of goal, strike the wood work on several separate occasions, have a penalty saved by the trailing foot of the goal keeper and the sending off of a defender who was nowhere near the foul committed!? Well you wouldn’t be too far off [...]

Captain courageous to the rescue… 2 times! Kudos for the first goal, it had quality stamped all over it… but anyway I knew Liverpool would win it… and even picked the exact score, so to a more pressing issue at hand… anyone know what the go is with the Liverpool jersey? If it was my [...]

So here we go again for another year of European action and as always this year’s comp will feature a wealth of great talent. In terms of sheer entertainment, I think the UCL is up there as one of the best competitions to watch. It’s definitely my favourite! I wasn’t even put off by the [...]

Like a modern day Robinhood he stepped up to take a swipe at his summer transfer suitors and with some deflected help he was able to pierce their goal. It was like stealing from the rich to give to the… erm… rich and in the world of Chelsea an offense punishable by severe ass kicking… [...]

Finally, the world’s biggest underachievers stepped up and gave their delusional fans something to actually cheer about. Forget the victory over Andorra at the weekend, a win over Croatia was worth more than just 3 points… it was like payback for their Euro qualifier defeat at Wembley last year… well almost. It was more like [...]