Eh… FIFPro Player of the Year… sound’s more like a video game challenge than an acclaimed award. Anyway kudos to Ronaldo, he had a ripper year… the only thing I’m really impressed about though, is the amount of different coloured boots he has worn since this time last year and the one’s he is wearing [...]

He has been a revelation since his big money move to Manchester and the team is actually better off with him around. There were many skeptics when he made the switch from the ‘Merengues’, I myself was one of them, but Robinhood looks to be settling and is putting his wads of money where his [...]

As if I wasn’t proven wrong enough already, this topped the cake and added the cherry. Tottenham got their first win of the season, while Pavlyuchenko bagged his first goal… shit, it only took him 6 weeks! Bent added insult to injury to round off a much improved performance for Tottenham. Maybe Redknapp’s tenure won’t [...]

Well, well, well… who would have thought a scrappy deflected goal from Xabi Alonso was all it took to break Chelsea’s 86 match unbeaten streak at Stamford Bridge. Certainly not me. In fact I’m surprised that Liverpool kept a clean sheet. Much praise must go to Benitez and co. for not only winning this match [...]

By far the match of the round, it’s being hyped as a 6 pointer capable of giving the winning team the driver’s seat to the title. The reality of it is that both teams are in scintillating form and would be hard to bet against them. Of late, Chelsea are playing intelligent football whilst Liverpool [...]

Like my makeshift internet connection, Juande Ramos’ contract with Tottenham hotspurs has expired… but unlike “The Perfect On(c)e“, I am able to order another latte and reconnect. Ok, so Tottenham’s dismal loss to Udinese in the UEFA Cup on Thursday night was the last straw for the powers that be and just like the judging [...]

I’ve been pulling out my hair recently and no it’s not my attempt to look like a balding Wayne Rooney (can you believe he’s only 22!)… im pulling my hair out cause the monkeys that run the two main telcos round here can’t get their shit together and get me internet access. I mean c’mon [...]

Sir Ferg has come out and said that he’ll be resting C.Ronaldo against Celtic later tonight… The adrenalin can carry you through the one game, but then the form dips a little bit,” Ferguson said in The Sun. “When players have been out for so long there is a little response to playing all the [...]

What a week for Wayne. Try saying that 10 times fast!Bagging 5 in 3; two braces for Queen and country and single for the Red Devils.To tell you the truth, initially I was skeptical about how Sir Ferg was going to slot Berbatov, Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez into his starting lineup without sacrificing other key [...]

It was another romping by Chelsea and another match in which Niklas Anelka failed to score. Someone put this chop stick out of his misery already! Watching him play alongside Chelsea’s plethora of talented individuals is like watching a giddy teenager around a girl he has a crush on… the closer he gets to her [...]

Gerrard scored a trademark long-range thump the way only Gerrard can and then he undid all that hard work and almost killed himself trying to do a trademark knee slide to the sideline…haha douche-bag! I think he hurt himself slightly too. Spot the look of anguish on his face after he’s mobbed by the rest [...]

The Socceroos have absolutely destroyed Qatar… again; only this time they had to wait 30min for the torrential rains to stop. It was a night when the moisture not only dampened the pitch and the pants of the wary Qataris, but also the enthralled Australians, who came out firing and ready for a fight. And [...]

Tim “Pounce at any time” Cahill makes his long awaited return to the national team tomorrow, in yet another round of qualifiers. And boy could it have not come sooner. With key players out in the midfield and attack (Breschiano, Kewell and Grella), it’s warming to know that Cahill will be lurking around the box [...]

Well thanks to Berbatov and his inability to crack a smile, even after scoring his first two goals in United (away) colours, I spent the last two nights held captive by Bulgarian rebels deep in their mountains. I don’t exactly understand why I was there… but from what I figured it had to do with [...]