Arsenal visit The Bridge in a match that will ultimately define their championship ambitions for this season. Things haven’t been looking up for the Gunners in recent weeks and even though they showed some sort of resurgence against Dynamo Kiev mid week, they are still struggling to convert their dominance into goals. Chelsea on the [...]

The Manchester derby takes place at Eastlands today and I for one can’t wait to see Robinho’s Sky Blues test their might against the Ronaldo’s Red Devils, in what should be an enthralling match. City did the double over United last season and if the two team’s form over the last fortnight is anything to [...]

Internazionale 0 v 1 Panathinaikos Wow! I don’t think many saw this one coming… especially Kova, who commented a little pre-maturely about my predictions… haha. Anyway, the Greeks are in a good spell of form at the moment which I knew they would bring into this match but I didn’t expect them to waltz into [...]

Wednesday matches:Bordeaux 0 v 2 ChelseaCFR Cluj 1 v 2 RomaInternazionale 2 v 2 PanathinaikosAnorthosis 1 v 1 BremenFC Shakhtar Donetsk 2 v 0 BaselSporting 1 v 2 BarcelonaAtlético 2 v 0 PSVLiverpool 3 v 1 Marseille

Very rarely do Arsenal lose two in a row, as they’ve done recently and it’s even rarer for them to lose three straight. With Fabergas announced as the new captain a day ago, I thought Wenger’s timing on this matter was impeccable. A morale booster and some restored faith and with this win, as scrappy [...]

Tuesday matches:Villarreal 1 v 1 Man. UnitedAaB 1 v 1 CelticBayern 2 v 0 SteauaFiorentina 2 v 1 LyonFenerbahçe 1 v 0 PortoArsenal 3 v 2 FC Dynamo KyivZenit 1 v 1 JuventusBATE 0 v 2 Real Madrid

While Harry continues to pull them out of the bag, Roman keeps sticking them in. No it’s not amateur hour at the local sex club, on the contrary, it’s the slowly built momentum of an act that has been Tottenham’s season. While Harry continues to weave his magic and get results, I continue to wonder [...]

Was it a pen?… wasn’t it?… for a moment there I thought I was watching some sort of hybrid Olympic demonstration sport of synchronized diving and spear tackling and the fact that Vidic got away with a “Play on!” was surely worthy of the gold. It was an unlucky decision for Martin O’Neil’s men who [...]

Not even the Berry Pink Mercurial Vapor’s of Nicklas Bendtner could help Arsenal overcome the weaving and winding abilities of Robinho and crew as they continuously broke down Gunners play and counter attacked. Stephen Ireland was in inspired form with his Carbon SL’s, bagging the games first and getting close on a number of other [...]

Australia did just enough to come away with the win against a lively and eager Bahrain… it was a true Robin Hood performance, clinching all three points it at the last minute. Watching the match, I was mortified by Australia’s play and so was coach Pim Verbeek: Bahrain created a lot of chances and they [...]

Nice boots! Do they make them for men?Finally, Nike answered Nani’s call for a prettier boot and he can now do his ballet moves in the corner, in conform AND style!Seriously though… what are they thinking? The only legitimate reason I can come up with, besides what I already mentioned above, is that they’re preparing [...]

The weather has settled around the Gulf and the conditions at night are almost ideal for football. Some of Australians key players haven’t made the journey over, while others are still feeling the effects of the weekend’s matches… this is nothing out of the usual for Pim and co. so it should be business as [...]

Much has been written in response to the nonsensical dribble that was spat out by Rebecca Wilson and her article only days ago. I normally don’t do this here, but I made a legitimate comment about her article and it was never published… so I’m doing what anyone with an opinion on the matter would [...]

Ronaldo scored his 100th and 101st goals in United colours with two trademark free kicks, the keeper could have done better with. Regardless though, 100 goals in 4 seasons across all competitions, that’s quite an impressive feat. Can he hit the milestone of last years 42… after a slow start to the season, I don’t [...]

That thieving fairy Niklas Anelka was at again on the weekend, scoring another brace and proving why Didier “Not so interested in the Blues anymore” Drogba shouldn’t be first choice ahead of him. Admittedly, Anelka has improved his finishing from the six yard box and isn’t missing as many silver plated opportunities presenting themselves these [...]