I wished for two things this Christmas, the first can’t really be mentioned cause it would probably land me in prison. The second however was that we are blessed with some descent matches during the festive season and I’m really hoping this one comes true, cause all I’ve managed since making that wish is a [...]

Males of Milan Italy, lock up your wives / girlfriends / mistresses, there’s is a new boy in town… oh and while you’re at it get yourselves a makeover cause this dude make’s even your women look ugly! Money’s probably got a part to play in it but seriously this guy looks great every time [...]

A gallant 10 man Arsenal held off a withdrawn Liverpool at the Emirates last night in what turned out to be an action packed encounter from start to finish. It’s a pity no-one grabbed the winner although according to Arsene Wenger, Liverpool were afraid to beat his team: We had a few breaks when they [...]

Manchester United have been crowned Club of the World with this win over LDU de Quito. They’ve also added another trophy to their stock pile of useless silverware, pocketed some cool cash and made it safe for me to assume these three things:1. I know nothing about Ecuadorian football,2. They can play just as good [...]

Eh… give United the crown already. LDU are the underdogs coming into this one and they’ll try, God knows they’ll try, I just think their efforts will be futile. I don’t need to go into it any more so than this. LDU unconvincingly beat Al Ahly 2-0, who Adelaide also beat 1-0. Gamba beat Adelaide [...]

Oooh… A crunch match in the making. Both teams have taken points off Chelsea and Man U and both are in desperate need of the points up for grabs today. Liverpool to stay ahead of the pack and Arsenal to keep within reach of it. A loss today for the Gunners would most likely mean [...]

At the moment I’m about as excited as fat chick in a doughnut shop. Why? cause I just read who’ll be fighting it out for European supremacy in the next round of the UCL and the waitor at Sarbucks just bought over my slice of baked caramel cheese cake… Yesss! Last 16 match-ups:Chelsea v JuventusVillareal [...]

As expected, Manchester United made easy work of Gamba Osaka in an eight goal spectacle and while doing so progressed to the final of the Fifa Club World Cup to take on Liga Deportiva Universitaria Quito of Ecuador. This was truly an entertaining match with each team coming out to attack and entertain. The Asian [...]

AC Milan are on their way to Dubai for their Emirates Winter Training Camp and will play against Hamburg SV in the Dubai Football Challenge. To add to the already star studded AC Milan lineup of Ronaldinho, Kaka, Maldini, Seedorf, Pato, Flamini… Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani also announced recently that a Mr. David Beckham, [...]

Cristiano’s scored a world class strike and it was enough to secure Adelaide United fifth spot in the Club World Cup and pocket the team the $2.16m prizemoney up for grabs. When asked about it later, Cristiano said: I had two chances and scored one goal which was good but the important thing is that [...]

As the teams prepare for the much anticipated Champions of Asia v Champions of Europe match later today, Ryan Giggs has come out with this: It has been the toughest competition to win.Just to get to the final we first had to qualify for the Champions League, which is tough. Then you have got to [...]

In what has been a slow news week, I couldn’t help but come across a viral campaign that Puma have recently released. All you need to know is that there is a smokin’ hot French temptress in sexy knickers, knee high socks and pink stripper heels and that thug Anelka is gagged and tied up [...]

Aston Villa jumped back into the top 4 with a more than convincing win against Bolton overnight but more importantly, their key players the likes of Barry, Abonglahor, Young and Laursen showed signs that they’ve started to hit top form… great signs for Martin O’Neils men leading into the Christmas period. I especially liked the [...]

This was by far one of the most entertaining 0-0 draws I’ve watched in a really long time! It was fast paced, had end-to-end action with near misses by both teams but only thing it lacked was a little something called goals! Typical! Deep down I was hoping Berbatov would score one, just cause I [...]

I watched the match that Adelaide played against Waitakere United the other day and I felt it my duty to apologise to the poor people that had to sit through one of the most excruciating match I’ve ever seen… please don’t mind the pins poking out of my eyes, I had to soften the pain [...]