A French temptress, a tied and gagged Anelka... all the right ingredients of a great viral campaign
In what has been a slow news week, I couldn’t help but come across a viral campaign that Puma have recently released. All you need to know is that there is a smokin’ hot French temptress in sexy knickers, knee high socks and pink stripper heels and that thug Anelka is gagged and tied up in the back. All the right ingredients of a successful campaign… even if you don’t know what the boot is called or where to get it from. I’d say the only thing missing from it is video is the ice-pick poking out of Anelka’s head so I’m going to hope the follow up has more to offer, well that or she gets naked and starts beating him up. It’ll still be a win-win!

Anyone care to translate?

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