Manchester United 2 v 1 Boca Juniors

Not to be overshadowed by Ronaldo’s first goal for Real only yesterday, ex-teammate Anderson and new United recruit Antonio Valencia, stepped in to deliver the goods and to have their respective goal scoring cherries “popped” in a Red Devils shirt. Heck, it only took Anderson 77 matches to do so, but it was well worth [...]

Real Madrid 4 v 2 LDU Quito

When you’re carrying around the burden of a €93 million price tag and not shooting fireworks out your own arse, you tend to take whatever’s on offer to make those spark fly… in Ronaldo’s case it was as simple as a penalty! So you can see how my enthusiasm was short lived as I awoke [...]

Look out Barca, Zlatan and his Zupersized ego have landed in your town and I really don’t think it’ll be long before his arrogant presence is felt. Speaking in footballing terms however, one must ask: Is he a great buy for the club? Definitely. Will he score a mound of goals this season? Well playing [...]

USA 0 v 5 Mexico

I never thought I’d be typing the words USA lost another final so soon… but then again, I never thought I’d be waking up today to see pics of Mexicans dancing like Michael Jackson either! Judging by the highlights below, I think it’s fair to also add that the pubescents playing for Mexico are awesome [...]

Kaizer Chiefs 1 v 0 Manchester City

What do you get when you cross the fortunes of an oligarch and the ego’s of some very arrogant football players?… Failure to beat a team from South Africa! Hahaha… so much for Premier League domination! Match highlights: Older Robinho news:Confed Cup – Mamma Mia, What A Mess! Italy 0 v 3 BrazilWeekend watch: Nike [...]

I’ve been a little reluctant to bring up Manchester Ciy’s summer of spending and thats mainly cause all they seem to have bought with their Emirate oil money, is a bunch of overpriced strikers! At last count I’m pretty sure they had about 9 of them (Adebayor, Bellamy, Benjani, Robinho, Santa Cruz, Tevez, Bojinov, Caicedo, [...]

Shamrock Rovers 0 v 1 Real Madrid

In a week when the heavies of European football struggled to make any significant impact around the globe*, comes another surprising result straight out of the bowels of Ireland. Shamrock Rovers, a team whose name sounds more like a wrestling move or a Robbie Williams album title than a football team, made a good account [...]

...Still A Douche!

If late night media reports are to be believed, as I type this Samuel Eto’o is most likely being relieved of his post at the Camp Nou and being replaced by none other than that long haired half-bred douche… Zlatan ‘F**k Im Good’ Ibrahimovic! The only thing that remains is for the club to reach [...]

During the week, Karim Benzema was plucked straight out of Derek Zoolander’s school for Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking People and revealed to a 20,000 strong Madrid crowd… and boy did he have an arsenal of poses to share with them. Among his repertoire was the obligatory ‘Badge-kiss’, the ‘Walk, Turn and Wave’ and perhaps [...]

I really wasn’t going to touch this topic… mainly cause I don’t really know much about Yuri Zhirkov. I mean I’m sure he’s a nice guy’n all and I’m sure he loves cold winter’s just as much as the next guy… so then why has he moved to a club notorious for plunging talented midfielders [...]

Black / Voltage Yellow

So my prediction here was correct… and in case you’re wondering what I’m on about, yes Cristiano Ronaldo was revealed wearing the Black / Voltage Yellow Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly’s. Ha! In more good news, apparently, a Nike executive recently confirmed that the company’s wish is to have all of their sponsored professionals playing in [...]

The most anticipated transfer of the summer has finally been completed and Cristino Ronaldo has been revealed as Real Madrid’s number nine in front of a whopping 80,000 adorning fans. The 24-year old joins legends such as Hugo Sanchez, Ronaldo, and of course Alfredo di Stefano, and in doing so joins an elite legacy of [...]

Last week, donning the number 8 on his shirt, Kaka was revealed to the world as a Real Madrid player in front of 40,000 adoring ‘Los Blancos’ fans. They turned up to celebrate his arrival and see him in the clubs famous all white kit and for many loyal ‘Madridistas’ and keen neutrals it was [...]

I don't think so...

I can’t believe this guy is still kickin’ around. Don’t get me wrong, I know the poor sod is only 29ish, but he’s more injury prone than a grandmother on mechanical bull ride, so at best I expected him to be missing an appendage. I’m also surprised that he passed the United medical and was [...]