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New Client: Jamey Stegmaier signs with Penumbra Literary!

Jamey Stegmaier is the co-founder and president of Stonemaier Games, a strategy board game startup in St. Louis. Following a lifelong passion for game design and a more recent interest in the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Jamey successfully funded his first publicly released game, Viticulture, in the fall of 2012 to the tune of $65,000. Jamey applied his research and experiential knowledge of Kickstarter to a blog series on called “Kickstarter Lessons,” which quickly grew in number and popularity.
Jamey also applied his expertise to a new Kickstarter campaign in May of 2013 for a game called Euphoria, raising just over $309,000 in 28 days. He continues to write Kickstarter Lessons to benefit other project creators, and now he is applying that content to a book to expand his current readership.

Jamey works full time at Washington University in St. Louis. He writes a daily personal blog as well as dystopian fiction, and he is just as avid of a reader as he is a writer. He is excited to be represented by Jennifer Chen Tran.


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