Jose’s 21st Century Progressive Agenda

When I began my career as a prosecutor in September 2001, I knew that my opportunity to change the criminal justice system had finally come.  Eighteen years later, I stand ready to become the next Queens County District Attorney.  As District Attorney, my prosecutorial philosophy can be summarized by these 21 principles that I will adopt on day one of my administration.

1. Make Diversion the Rule

2. Charge with Restraint and Plea Bargain Fairly

3. Move Toward Ending Cash Bail

4. Encourage the Treatment (Not Criminalization) of Mental Illness

5. Encourage the Treatment (Not Criminalization) of Drug Addiction

6. Treat Kids Like Kids

7. Minimize Misdemeanors

8. Account for Consequences to Immigrants

9. Promote Restorative Justice

10. Shrink Probation and Parole

11. Change Office Culture and Practice

12. Address Racial Disparity

13. Create Effective Conviction Review


14. Broaden Discovery


15. Hold Police Accountable


16. End the Poverty Trap of Fines and Fees

17. Expunge and Seal Criminal Records

18. Play Fair with Forensic Evidence

19. Work to End the Death Penalty

20. Calculate the Cost of Incarceration

21. Employ the Language of Respect

For more information on these principles you can click the link below and read the report “21 Principles For The 21st Century Prosecutor” authored by The Brennan Center For Justice, Fair and Just Prosecution, and The Justice Collaborative.