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Flavor's of the week

The month of May brings lots of sunshine, hot weather and many reasons to celebrate. We start with Cinco de Mayo, then move on to mother's day, teacher's day, nurses day and the list goes on. Although many of us are still at home and some others need to go out and work every day. We got you! We are here just alongside you!!!

This week's flavors were inspired on the tropics, Mexico and our mother's. I remember being at home with my mom enjoying a cold dessert, or walking outside and always stopping for a treat. Back then ice cream was the norm, but lucky for us we have healthier options and fresh Gelato.

This month we made a combination of tropical flavors that makes us want to celebrate. We start with Pina colada, a perfect combination of coconut and organic fresh pineapple.

Next is coconut stracciatella VEGAN, with a touch of Italian dark chocolate and we finish off with our customer favorite Mango, that we can prepare with chamoy and tajin.

We then move on to the classic Italian Gelato. We start with Stracciatella, Vanilla gelato with hot fudge swirl, I love this flavor for affogato , just pour an espresso shot and WOW! delicious dessert.

Caramel butter pecan, made with real butter, and combination on salted and regular guirardelli caramel swirl. YUM!! We continue our flavor lineup with a Strawberry shortbread cheesecake, with folded shortbread cookies!! Perfect dessert.

This week we will introduce Gelato cakes. We will start with an Oreo Cake!. Base of crumbled oreos, layers of cookies and cream gelato with hot fudge. Topped with more oreos. What is not to love about this!!

Check our full lineup of flavors, just updated on our website @zerogelato and chat with us! We love to hear from you!! See you at dessert time! #zerogelato

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