This morning was a knock down drag out fight as usual. It has gotten a bit chilly in the mornings and as I was getting the kids ready my daughter came out in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. I asked her to change into pants and grab her jacket. She immediately began to cry, scream and complain that she was not cold. Here is the interaction that followed. And yes, we sang it as though we live in a musical.

Daughter ——– Mother

I really don’t care — Baby it’s cold outside

I really want to wear — Baby it’s cold outside

Pants are so dumb – You’re not going to school like a bum

Shorts will be nice… — Go cover your legs, they’ll be like ice


I’m a big kid don’t you worry – -Beautiful, please we gotta hurry?

I’ll throw a fit here on the floor — I’m in charge please quiet your roar

Mom there’s not even a flurry — Beautiful please we gotta hurry.

Maybe just pack them for sure — Put them on or I’ll give you the cure


Don’t you care what I think? – No, please just do what I say

How about this skirt it’s pink?-Please, just do it my way

It will warm up soon — I don’t really care for your snarky tune

Weatherman said high temperatures by noon –- Your stressing me I will surely swoon


Mom this is so, so, very dumb –- Child you are making me glum?

At least let me pick the ones I want — Can’t we discuss a détente?

Mom can we go? — We can, just as soon as, you know…

Are you even listening to me ?


I’ve put em’ on, now let’s go – Oh, baby, yes but you move so slow

Let’s get outta here –Keep on your coat, or you’ll shed a tear…..

I really don’t care – You better not dare

Look..I took them off – Come now, you’ll get a cough


There’s bound to be kids in shorts –The teachers will glare and snort

At least I’ll be alone at school–What if you caught croup that wouldn’t be cool.

I really don’t care – You better not dare…..


It’s time to stop all the strife, cause baby I’m your Mom for life!


And off to school we went. I am sure at this point in the day she is on the playground with no jacket, and yes it did in fact warm up. Why do I even bother?

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