Afrodelico is a magical journey

It’s about being here and there at the same time

Like the elasticity of dreams

A constant teletransportation

And in this coming and going

Sometimes I get trapped in another world

It is there where sound comes to life in mind.

When you do things naturally explanation is not necessary

Afrodelico is a journey, an acoustic madness

A madness like living with one foot on the moon and the other one on the ground.

For an artist , it is like balance.

Afrodelico is light, a special energy

It is a positive catatonic state

A reality outside day to day routine

It is the pleasure of playing in the mind

Free, away from stress and social pressure

It's simply music that speaks for itself.



AFRODELICO Peruvian Soul contains 10 songs extracted from Afro-Peruvian traditional repertoire .

On this album you will find unique versions that give Afro-Peruvian music previously unheard dimensions.


Musical arrangements and direction were made by Edward Perez, recognized jazz bassist based in New York and were written specifically for this unique recording project.


Afrodelico also features special guest Pepe Vásquez, Afro Peruvian living culture musician in “No Valentín” a song he wrote, as well as the presence of singer Lucía de la Cruz at “La Noche de tu Ausencia”, written by Mario Cavagniaro and Milagros Guerrero, one of the most important contemporary voices of Afro-Peruvian music, currently first voice at Novalima band singing “El Mayoral” written by Wilfredo Franco.


Afrodelico is the expression of the most intense influences of African-American and Afro-Peruvian music, “landó”, blues , “festejo”, funk and jazz.

On this album we can appreciate a version of “Bandida” written by Francisco Quiroz in Bossa Nova rhythm . Also a blues version of “Peruanita Bonita” by Vicente Bianchi and a powerful funk version of “Se me van los pies” by Juan Medrano Cotito.


Afrodelico is a creative and fun album, a sonic madness, the joy of playing in the mind away from stress and social pressure.



  • RUPERTA de Aníbal Rosado.
  • TORO MATA de Caitro Soto.
  • LA NOCHE DE TU AUSENCIA de Mario Cavagnaro.
  • INGA del folklore peruano.
  • NO VALENTÍN de Pepe Vásquez.
  • SE ME VAN LOS PIES de Juan Medrano “Cotito”.
  • BANDIDA de Francisco Quiroz.
  • PERUANITA BONITA de Vicente Bianchi.
  • EL ALCATRAZ de Abelardo Vásquez.
  • EL MAYORAL de Wilfredo Franco.



Edward Perez / baby bass

Alex Sarrin / drums

Leonardo Gigio Parodi / minor percussion

Juan Medrano Cotito / “cajón”, “quijada” and bell.

Eric Kurimski / acoustic & electric guitars

Duncan Haynes / Piano Rodes

Rafael Fusa Miranda / Saxo

Daniel Vallejo / Saxo

Franco Carranza / Trumpet

Fernando Gonzales / Trombone

Gabriel Alegría / Trumpet

Yordanky Hernandez / Trumpet

Amadeo Gaviria / Synthesizers

Rey Soto / Guitar

Herbert Kruger / Electric Guitar

Abel Salcedo / Electric Guitar

Henry Ueunten / Hammond Leslie

Tito Alberto Manrique / Guitar

Ervin Cabezudo / Piano Rodes

Monica Zevallos / Choirs

Luis Pardo Valdespino / Choirs

Luis Alberto Manchego / Choirs

Noelia Heritage / Choirs

Marco Mosquera / Choirs

Jorge Pardo / Lead vocals & choirs



Chavez and Dante Amadeo Gaviria



Amadeo Gaviria



Antonio Amézquita



Black Star Diana Aguilar



Jorge Pardo



Miguel A Perales

Chayo Saldarriaga

Diana Aguilar



Leonardo Beltran



Florence & Daniel



Lucia de la Cruz

Milagros Guerrero

Pepe Vasquez



Rafael Santa Cruz



Jorge Pardo


Recorded at STUDIO EL TECHO / Lima - Peru ,

Between winter 2012 and spring 2013.


Musical arrangements & direction by EDWARD PEREZ / New York.

Produced by JORGE PARDO for AFRODELICO Peruvian Soul / Peru .