Gov On The T  Thursday, March 19
State officials take the T/bus/boat
on the last morning of winter

Mar.19, legislators and media will meet at one or more of these sites:

8:00 Wonderland T 

              (outside turnstiles)

          Quincy Center

                         (inbound platform)

8:15 - 9 AM

      Park Street Green Line T

                   (at information booth) 

      North Station TRAIN Sta.

               (under electronic track info board) 

      South Station

                       (under electronic track info board)

8:30 - 9 AM

       State Street Station     

                        (Congress St entrance)


8:15 - 8:30  Harvard Square
                      (inbound Red Line platform)

Regional media will be assigned to these downtown locations.  Local media will be assigned to the station where legislators are starting. 

Take photo of rep/senator at:

  • meeting place, 
  • en-route with constituents,
  • downtown meeting points listed at left.

Media or public, send photos to us at

Suggested questions for legislators:
How was your commute today?
What comments did you hear from constituents?
What is YOUR solution to the T's woes?
Are there alternatives to the gas tax for T funding?

Any problems?  Call 617 306 9312.


Look for legislators wearing this button