Next Life NO Kids I made a #MOMMITMENT to end mom wars 300

Taking care of other people as though your life depends on it….That is the commitment that we all make to our kids. Some moms make that commitment by being the crafty, hair did, stylish, got their shit together moms. Others rock the hell out of the yoga pants, snot covered t-shirts, crock pot meals, and consistent tardiness to dance class. Either way, we put our children first so that they can enjoy the things in life they dream about. We all do it out of an undying love; turned on like a light switch one day, that can never be flipped off. The fact that we as mothers would wish to judge and throw shame at one another makes me sad. We are all trying to do the same thing – raise humans.

My pledge is very simple. I vow to cast no “Mom” judgment. Moms are people, and people make decisions and choices. I may not agree with the choices or understand them, but I can still be kind, tolerant, loving, and gracious. I can listen when the days are long, and the laundry never ends. I can listen to rants and sympathize, because I was once in that exact same spot.

I pledge not to make snarky comments in my head when that crafty, Pinterest Mom brings in homemade cupcakes with hand-carved candy statues on top. I will try to just sit back and think about the time she took to make such a beautiful gesture for her child. I will write about my life and struggles so that you can know that we are all going through a very similar journey. I will try my best to make you laugh.

We are all trying to raise future teachers, lawyers, congressmen, small business owners, NBA stars, and (against all odds) astronauts. So, I will stand alongside you, I will not pick up a stone. Being a mom is hard enough; there is no need to endure a meteor shower.




6 Thoughts on “#Mommitment

  1. Love this. Thank you for your commitment!

    You rock my world.

  2. Yes! I am with you! Wonderful post! #Mommitment

  3. I have been thinking about ‘mom’ judgement a lot lately. I have at least two separate blog posts in the works about, but they just aren’t coming together. I think it is in our human nature to judge and it isn’t always a bad thing. The problem is more about sharing your judgements than making them.

    • Sunshine on February 6, 2015 at 12:39 pm said:

      I agree with you 100%. We can share things in our live that work for us, or don’t work to gain support. We can ask questions in hopes of finding solutions. We can seek advice, or give advice. We should just always try to do these things out of love and the with respect to the fact that we have all been in the same boat. Send me your web address so I can check you out.
      Thanks, Sunshine

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