Hi I’m Sunshine

Life is like a box of chocolates…..that have fallen on the floor and the kids pick up to eat, and track the rest through the carpet. Hi. I’m Sunshine. I am here to tell you a story. Well, many stories about my life, family, kids, work, and everything else in between. I plan to write about the dysfunction of being a full time working mother of three, while living within a five mile radius of almost my entire family. This blog is to share my ideas and thoughts about all of the crazy crap that is happening in my life, and how I learn from it. This is not a tips or how to blog. Most of the topics I will talk about will be inappropriate and will likely offend many. I am blunt, sarcastic, and real. This is my life, day in and out. If you can learn a lesson or have a laugh, either way I will be happy. I want to show what real motherhood, marriage, family relationships, work, and friends look like. I am here to tell a 34 year old story in the making. I am just like you, or maybe nothing like you.  My goal is to show other people what real households’ look like. To all my Moms out there, let go of the Mom guilt and be free. I have suffered from this syndrome for the past 8 years and I am ready to unlock the chains. This is a true story, about my family, that lives in a house, and what happens when people stop acting nice, and start being real. Thank you MTV for that introduction to my blog. This is the real world and I am here to begin an inappropriate conversation. I hope you will follow my blog and give me honest feedback.  I welcome you to join my journey.

5 Thoughts on “Hi I’m Sunshine

  1. Doug Phinney on October 8, 2014 at 12:59 am said:

    This is awesome! I laughed until I pissed myself. Your rant reminds me why I am a queer and have resisted the urge to reproduce :)

  2. Amy Rait on October 8, 2014 at 6:41 pm said:

    You are my new favorite person!

    • Sunshine on October 8, 2014 at 6:47 pm said:

      Hi Amy,
      Thank you. Please keep coming back and share my link with your friends. I appreciate your support.


  3. OMG that was so funny, I truly have missed your wit. Keep this up, I will become a regular lol

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