The 14 Enchanting Ideas to Enhance the Elegance of Girl’s Room

A beautiful room is a dream of every girl. A room that is comfortable, soothing, and that matches her character. Being able to design and put together the whole room is quite exhilarating. But before delving into some amazing girls’ room ideas, let’s understand girls. Sorry boys, but here we are just focusing on the subjective likes and dislikes of girls that speak character and comfort, not emotions!

Girls are beautiful creatures that adore little things, especially when they are aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, a girl’s room is a personal space where she grows and confides in. It is not just a mobile phone or a journal; the entire room becomes a part of her being.

And preparing a beautiful room with some of the best girl’s room ideas is simply the bare minimum. In this article, we have curated a list of some similar ideas through which you can design a girl’s room in the best possible manner.

How About Detailing the Bed in a Girl’s Bedroom?

1. Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed

This is the dream bed for every girl from a little age. Canopy beds generally are of two types. One with the soft shimmer curtains hanging from the ceiling right in the middle of the bed, encircling the entire bed with the fabric. This is the kind of bed we have grown up watching princesses sleeping in.

Another option could be wooden pillars fixed on the four corners of the bed. Creating an illusion of a house. The pillars are further joined with other pillars. It creates a large rectangular wooden frame around the bed. This frame can either be decorated with translucent sheer fabric or left alone. A canopy bed is a beautiful concept and is a must addition to have for girls.

2. Vintage Bed

Vintage Bed

Upon hearing vintage beds, Victorian beds with a beautifully carved tall headboard. Usually, vintage beds or antique beds are used for king-size beds and have beautiful carvings all across. The colors chosen for the be are usually wood or white. However, other subtle colors like cream or beige can be used as well.

These beds give out an eloquent look to the room, kind of royal yet subtle. It is a perfect accessory for girls’ room ideas, especially for those having a taste for royalty. The vintage beds can also be combined with a canopy bed, thus giving out the ultimate royalty character.

3. Metal Bed

Metal Bed

Metal beds are quite easy to fix and use. These are low-maintenance beds and are rather cost-effective in comparison. Metal beds have a normal size of the headboard. Headboards are usually hollow metal lining. It is the best option for a girl’s room idea if she likes the bohemian style. We often get to see metal beds in movies or television shows chosen for girls.

Metal beds can be a sought-after choice for people who move or change homes frequently. It can act as a good asset that doesn’t require much tending to. Nowadays, paints are available to solve rusting issues with metal accessories. Simply, a coat of paint and other required precautions might help in securing the bed for a long time.

4. Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed

Quite a sought-after choice to accommodate your princesses or maybe a frog prince too. So, usually, the bunk bed is opted for by families with more than one child. It is the best way to accommodate children, especially in small space city homes. Space restriction is the most common reason to opt for bunk beds.

Even though the space is small, the memories and quarrels leave a lasting impression on the siblings. These are the experiences that lead to future bedtime stories. The bunk beds can also help with extra storage in the room. The space under the bed and the stairs can be occupied to help with the extra bed.

5. Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed

A new-age invention that is quite a savior for many. Sofa beds are quite accommodating and effective with space comptonization. Sofa beds are quite easy to use. It simply resembles a sofa. The adjustments have to be made that spread the sitting portion of the sofa into a bed. The pillows on the sofa are used while sleeping.

It saves us a huge amount of space and investment. The added cost of décor and designing gets saved here as well. The only problem here is the daily adjustments that have to be made. It can be irritating or unpleasant having to set down everything before lying down on the bed after a tiring day.

6. Hydraulic Bed

Hydraulic Bed

The hydraulic bed is quite common nowadays and used in almost every household. A hydraulic bed refers to a piece of machinery that is attached to the bed. This helps in the easy opening and closing of the bed.

The machinery or equipment is usually attached to box beds. This helps in easy access to the things stored inside the bed. Thus helping with extra space as well. The hydraulic system helps with the automatic opening and closing of the bed once it is pushed a bit at the start.

Decorating the Dressing Area

7. Vintage Dressing Area

Vintage Dressing Area

A vintage dressing area usually refers to a table carved out on all four corners and having four rounded feet. The mirrors used here are usually of the same height as the table, giving out a uniform look. The shape of the mirror can range from rectangle to circular, dome-shaped, or oval. The shape of the mirror can be customized as well.

One of the most common mirror styles seen since the Regency era is the three-way mirror. It gives out a princess vibe and works beautifully with carved-out tables. The tables have a few drawers with an open space at the button. Usually, the open space is used to keep the small sofa used while using the dresser or the mirror.

8. Full-Length Mirror

Full-Length Mirror

Quite a necessity these days. Are you familiar with mirror selfies? Well, then, you surely understand the importance of a beautiful, full-length mirror at home. Be it for showing off the new iPhone model or the dress you wear; the mirrors do have a unique charm. A separate mirror or the wardrobe door can be used to fix a mirror.

This way, we can save extra space that a mirror might take up. Also, many interior designers believe and have proved that full-length mirrors help in giving the room a spacious look. It works best if it fuses with some piece of existing furniture, in many cases, the wardrobe. The full-length mirrors can also be customized to have a LED light running across all four corners.

9. Entryway Mirror

Entryway Mirror

Entryway mirrors are placed right beside the door or within its range to help with the last-minute look and subsequent touch-ups. Entryway mirrors are not very popular among households but prove their existence in affluent families and movies.

This type of mirror works best when the room is big and justifies the requirement of more than one mirror. However, the entryway can be used in the living area or the dining space if the space is restrictive. It might not be a go-to girl’s room idea. However, it does have a lasting impact in times of need.

10. Dresser Mirror

Dresser Mirror

The small mirrors that are placed on top of the dressing table mirror are known as dresser mirrors. They are small in size and portable too. The significant importance of such mirrors is to help with the application of cosmetics like eyeliners and lipsticks rather easily. The mirror helps with any product that requires some precision to apply.

It acts as an aesthetic showpiece too. It is no donut a must-choose idea among many other girls’ room ideas to go for. For some reason, the dresser mirror gives out an elegant and sophisticated vibe often connected with Old English design styles.

11. Three-Way Mirror

Three-Way Mirror

The three-way mirror is a normal rectangular mirror having an additional mirror on either side that looks like flaps. The coverage of the mirrors is one of the many reasons that makes it a wise choice to opt for. The mirror works well in all kinds of shapes and lengths. However, it is advisable to always use such mirrors with a dressing table at the end.

Three-way mirrors don’t look quite great when used as full-length mirrors. It always gives a sense of ‘something’s missing’ or incomplete. The table gives it a whole rounded look, thus enhancing its look and grace. The mirrors do not specify a particular class or tribe, and it is not that costly either.

So any girl out there can opt for such a design. Ain’t no harm in getting a closer look at you!

Designing Wardrobe

There is not much to talk about the structure of wardrobes because they are always the same. The design, however, can differ from person to person and the overall look of the room. The wardrobe plays a huge role in binding the entire look of the room. So, somehow it is one of the critical girl’s room ideas to deal with. The color of the bed and wardrobe must be the same.

Sometimes, it’s best to keep the wardrobe design very plain and subtle and experiment with accessories. So, it is more productive to spend time on the perfect style of the door handle you desire, keeping the color and theme of the room in mind.

12. Padded Wardrobe

Padded Wardrobe

Here, foam is used to act as a cushion that is further padded into the wardrobe. This look works best when the bed has padding all across its foot as well. They complement each other. Moreover, helping in bringing the entire look. It provides a generous look and creates a massive impression on the guests, and gives a rustic and royal touch. It speaks a lot about your taste and choice.

If maintaining the light color is a concern, You can also choose to go with dark theme colors to match the lighting of your room, which will create an even more delicate and delightful touch to your room.

13. Mirror Wardrobe

 Mirror Wardrobe

Quite a simple and effective idea to opt for, as explained earlier. Mirror permanently attached to the door of the wardrobe makes the room look spacious and is a low-maintenance concept too. This helps with less brainstorming for wardrobe design and works in our favor, too, in more than one way. A go-to girl’s room idea, among others.

Ply colors surrounding the mirror are a segment that can tweak the entire serene and have a huge role to play in determining the overall appearance of the room and the wardrobe exclusively.

14. Grooved Wardrobes

 Grooved Wardrobes

The wood is grooved into parallel or haywire lines to form a pattern in the wardrobe. This helps quite well in achieving the complete Victorian look for your princess. Also, it is quite a subtle concept that makes a huge difference in the entire look of the room. A very meticulous job, which, when done right, gives a beautiful outcome.


We have detailed the critical aspects that play a huge role in binding the look of the room belonging to girls. There are plenty of ideas associated with decorating a girl’s room, but choose the ones that fit best. Every room yearns for a character.

And it gets it in the form of its owner. The bed, dressing area, and wardrobe design must be similar, with not more than one contrasting color chosen. We believe that even if the design for one of the three is fixed, it helps in the easy designing of the latter two leading to the entire room.

Starting with the dressing is the best. It helps in dealing with a lot of expressions and moods at the start only. This helps in easy designing later on. The theme also plays a great role in determining the overall look of the room; if you are running short of ideas to align all the things together, then sticking to a theme can be an element that can make the job easier for you.

Do let us know what you think of these ideas and how you plan to proceed further in decorating your space.