9 Small Living Room Layouts With a TV and Fireplace

Small living room layout designing might be the toughest and most creative task anyone has achieved. Designing is not only done with the interior work; it’s in every piece of furniture and material which is present in the living room. A room can have a total makeover by arranging the furniture in a different manner than usual.

“Home is where the family is!” We may all relate to this quote. Additionally, you can add that “the living room feels like a family”. We sit here and enjoy our family time together by chatting, playing, or watching a movie and warming ourselves with our loved ones during the winter evenings. It holds a special denote of the life we live. So it’s obvious that everyone wants the best arrangements in their living room, whether vast or slim.

Are you having a small space for a living area? And struggling to place your furniture aesthetically pleasing? Join this article to kick start a roundabout of a small living room layout.

Small Living Room Layout Ideas

The major component of the living room is the TV, Television. According to the usage of your TV, you can easily organize the furniture. If you will use it as a home theatre, arrange the couches towards your TV for a relaxing movie time. Or if you are going to use this as your family time, then place them accordingly to face everyone. And if you have a fireplace too in your living room, you seriously need to consider some arrangements to make it not complicate

1. The Duo Of Fireplace And TV

The Duo Of Fireplace And TV

This hot topic of placing your TV and fireplace arrangement never gets outdated. You can read posts and blogs on Facebook every now and then to discuss the same. The most common method is placing the TV over the fireplace but it has its cons a lot by making your eye and neck strain with the height issues. Let’s see a few ideas for placing your TV involving the fireplace.

2. Mounting TV Over The Fireplace

Mounting TV Over The Fireplace

Having the controversy of neck pain and eye strain, we can’t deny the fact of the trendy look achieved by the TV over a fireplace. Certainly, this arrangement has its pro, such as,

The overall look we get for a small living room is awesome if it is done correctly with the proportion. It’s a beneficial makeover to focus all your furniture towards both important living room elements. The foremost issue in placing the TV here is height. Try using movable clamps to hold your TV to move it according to your needs. It is not a picture to hang in there permanently; it needs some difference to look at it continuously. There you can get two types of TV mounts available for your TV unit,

3. Placing the Tv Next to The Fireplace

Placing the Tv Next to The Fireplace

The focus point of this format is achieved by bringing together the hero and heroine of the living room. By mounting your TV to the wall, you can minimize the extra furniture in your living room, making it more spacious. The competition between the fireplace and TV is reduced in this way.

4. Cornering Your Tv

Cornering Your Tv

Especially when you have a smaller living room, it is great to place your TV in the corner, which is an unlikely space. Placing your TV in a corner might be the last thing you want to do. Trust me it has its own purpose. You can tilt it with the swivel to move it to the next wall to focus the couches wherever you sit.

5. Placing the Tv and Fireplace Perpendicular

Placing the Tv and Fireplace Perpendicular

In this setup, the TV is placed perpendicular, and it is placed on another wall. The fireplace and TV are not incorporated, yet the pieces of furniture make it more accessible by the couches placed nearby to the fireplace can make you warm while you watch your favorite Football match.

The TV can be wall mounted or put with a piece of media furniture, depending on the free space you need.

6. Couches and Fireplace

Couches and Fireplace

One of the undeniable aesthetic considerations of the living room is the couches. Whether you have a small or big living room, you need your couches to go well with the other elements to have the perfect look.

7. Perfect Slot

Perfect Slot

For small living rooms, the couches should be of the right size to suit your space. The coach should not take up all the room. It has to be clean and neat with simple lines and style to give more surface. For an accurate look, it should correlate with the rest of your room’s theme and color. Placing the couch too near the fireplace may have the potential risks of fire, so keep a keen distance. Additionally, if you put it near, you may end up warming Yourself more than you need sometimes.

Putting the couches in front of the fireplace is the greatest way of creating a cozy and inviting living room. So let’s see the pros and cons of placing your couches in front of the fireplace.

8. Try The L- Shaped Layout

Try The L- Shaped Layout

For a narrow small living room, the furniture can be arranged in an L-shaped pattern in which the TV and fireplace can be placed perpendicularly. This works well, especially in the living room, which doesn’t have the wall space for a TV. It can be placed perpendicular to the fireplace with cabinets. Fill the other empty spaces with a comfortable pouf for extra seating, a coffee table. Here the focus point is the fireplace, so don’t miss hanging a piece of art or a mirror above it. Every other piece of furniture should be placed in an elongated way to face the TV and fireplace as it gives the most comfort and relaxation.

9. Arranging the Furniture

Arranging the Furniture

Arranging the furniture in a small living room is more tedious than arranging it in a larger one. Because you need to fit all the necessary furniture inside your small living room without disturbing the look.

The primary is the focus point. Keep all your furniture directions according to your TV and fireplace. Don’t forget to give ample space between your furniture to avoid tripping over. It should be easily walked through for people without any bumping. Try not to place the actual furniture near your fireplace to get too hot or to avoid any accidental fire. Two to three feet is an optimal distance.

Magic of the Mirrors plays the most fabulous game. For a small living room, placing a huge mirror above your fireplace or on the wall next to it gives more brightness by reflecting the natural light. This automatically results in making your living room look a size bigger than it actually is. Remember, in fact, only the large mirrors have this capability, not the tiny decorative piece of mirrors.


There are such important factors to consider placing the course in front of the fireplace as,

  • When you have kids who are running around the house all the time, it is best to keep your couches as a barrier to protect them from falling into the fireplace. Here it is used to separate the fireplace and living room.
  • If you happen to have family or friends every now and then, you may consider placing the couches in front of the fireplace to get an additional sitting area without any chairs or tables.
  • Apart from others, it looks way more elegant.


The important features to look for are avoiding before placing your couches in front of the fireplace. Such are,

  • A safety hazard is the first thing to keep in mind depending upon the fireplace type. Especially with open fireplaces it is too risky to catch fire with more warming.
  • It may be uncomfortable to sit too near the fireplace, which makes you more than warm sometimes.


Your living room is a vital space in your home where you can relax and make cherished memories with your loved ones. It is also the area where you can entertain your guests. Furniture in the living room with everything in mind is more important.

Although the living room may be small, you can create the illusion of a larger and more visually appealing space by strategically arranging your furniture and lighting.

Placing a fireplace and TV together in your small living room with few moderations and consideration could give the desired look by mounting the TV above the fireplace, placing both next to each other, keeping them with a perpendicular ratio, and placing the TV in a corner.

You can consider these options to fit in your already planned small living room to give it a new makeover.