11 Brilliant Kayak Storage Ideas to Maximize the Spacing Option

The US and Kayaking are a perfect pairing! Kayaking is a popular, fun sport in the US. There is a popular saying, “Water is precious.” Likewise, time on the water is also very precious as it reduces one’s stress levels. For many, it is a great hobby or pastime. The blue sky above, the blue-green waters below, and a kayak are the best choices if you wish to be in the lap of nature for at least some time.

This is rather a kind of healing-water heals or, to be exact, mother nature heals. The calm, serene, and peaceful climate always rejuvenates, and after a great kayaking adventure, you are fresh as a flower.

Imagine yourself in a situation after Kayaking. What is the emotion that predominates you? Of course, one will feel tired, but even in this tired state, another problem arises. “Where can I neatly place this kayak?” You already know that your kayak is not something handy like a mobile phone.

So you cannot place it inside your cupboard. It is very clumsy and space-consuming. So can’t the storage of your favorite kayak be the reason for your distress? However, you don’t have to be miserable for this anymore.

Here are the most convenient 11 smart kayak storage ideas for you.

1. Wall-Mounted Rack

Wall-Mounted Rack

Worried because you don’t have a garage space? Still, you can easily create room for your kayak and thus find your own kayak storage ideas. This is the best idea. This won’t consume your space as it will if you place it on the floor. For this, you need to have a lot of wall space. With this idea, you can mount all the kayaks of your whole family members without losing your floor area. The hooks used for this purpose are easily available.

2. Ceiling Rack

Ceiling Rack

This is also a fine idea. If you don’t like the idea of mounting the kayak on your wall, thus losing the wall space and architectural beauty of your home’s interior, you can mount it onto your ceiling using a ceiling rack. This is the best one among the 11 smart kayak storage ideas. In this idea, you don’t have to be worried about any accidents due to the kayak falling off from the ceiling because a two-kayak ceiling rack can support up to a total of 150 pounds and can hold kayaks up to 18 inches thick. The simple hack to set up a ceiling storage system has to be first gone through.

3. Simple Pulley or Hanging System

Simple Pulley or Hanging System

This is the idea where you can find a kayak hanging down the ceiling. Usually, this idea is better in a garage or store room. The kayak is suspended using a pulley system that can  hold up to 125 pounds. This is more than enough for a kayak. There is a safety lock mechanism that not only facilitates lifting it up but also prevents it from falling down and thus creating damage and harm. The rubber-coated hooks prevent the kayak from getting scratched. These pulleys are easily available. This is also a better kayak storage option.

4. Foldable Floor Stands

 Foldable Floor Stands

Are you seeking a kayak storage idea to place on the garage floor? If yes, this one is for you. There will be people who hate to place kayaks on the floor. Don’t worry! The rough garage surface will not spoil your kayak anymore. The Kayak can be easily mounted on the stand with rubber padding. This rubber padding will save your kayak from getting scratched. This one can hold up to 100 pounds and does not take any of your time to assemble. This one is the most basic and standard equipment for the storage of Kayaks. This one is the easiest of the 11 smart kayak storage ideas.

5. Vertical Kayak Storage

Vertical Kayak Storage

There are people who don’t like to mount their kayaks on ceilings. Meanwhile, there are people who hate when the kayak consumes much space on the ground. This one is for such people. This idea among these 11 smart kayak storage ideas is the vertical storage system. It needs less space as it seems like being erected from the ground even though on a stand.  Even though there are not many collections to show on Amazon, there are still some of these there. Before doing this, a detailed analysis of the vertical storage system and how to make it happen should be done.

6. Kayak Covering

Kayak Covering

Are you a person who has plenty of room space or garage space but always ends up finding your kayak covered with dust? If that is the case, this is the best option you will find in this list of 11 smart kayak storage ideas. This one is pocket friendly, as you just need to get a decent cover for your favorite kayak. This idea makes your kayak waterproof, dustproof, and UV-resistant, thus securing your investment. There are many choices available. You can choose them according to your choice of color, as there are plenty of options for you. There are many more ideas for storing kayaks in a garage.

7. Dual Kayak Stand

Dual Kayak Stand

Are you a couple who loves kayaking? Do you have a storage idea for your two kayaks? This one is for you. Its a dual kayak stand. The romantic stand has a weight capacity of 175 pounds. This kayak storage idea is appropriate for placing two kayaks. It doesn’t take up much space. But, as a drawback, you need to have enough floor space to place this stand. This is a very steady stand. If you don’t like these readymade stands, you can build a wooden dual stand for yourself.

8. Kayak Storage Sheds

 Kayak Storage Sheds

Are you a family of kayakers, or is kayak renting a means of your income? In both cases, the storage issue is quite pertinent. To deal with this, it is better to get a Kayak storage shed which is also easily available. This idea might seem to be expensive. However, this idea is really a better one as these kinds of sheds can be used for multiple storage purposes. You can even make this a small garage for your home. Among all these 11 smart kayak storage ideas, this one is the most convenient idea for the storage of many kayaks together.

9. Movable/Portable Kayak Stand

Movable/Portable Kayak Stand

Sometimes, moving your kayak might be a hideous task for you. You might even have small accidents trying to do so. In that case, you can go for portable or movable kayak stands. If you can’t allot a specific spot for your kayak, then this kayak storage idea is the best of the 11 smart kayak storage ideas. You can move your kayaks easily with the help of the stand-on wheels. To make it safer, the frame will not move if the wheels are locked. This stand itself is of many types. Stands which can hold two kayaks are easy. The stands for three kayaks are also available. 

10. Multiple Kayak Stands

Multiple Kayak Stands

Sometimes, it will be difficult to buy a kayak shed house to store your family’s kayaks due to financial constraints. In this case, kayak stands can be the prime option among the 11 smart kayak storage ideas. If you have four kayaks also don’t worry! Just get a multiple kayak stand online. You can even build your own multiple kayak stand with wood if you are good at carpentry. Normally, in such a rack, you can store up to 6 kayaks in this way. However, you can build a storage stand according to your imagination. In this way, you may store up to 24 kayaks.

11. Kayak Straps Storage System

Kayak Straps Storage System

If you don’t want to lose your room space by adding another stand, you can buy kayak straps and adjust your kayaks on some existing stand in your garage or hang them on the ceiling with the help of these straps, which are very useful yet less bulky. As your kayak is suspended on straps, there are no pressure points, and it never touches a hard surface. It can hold up to 100 pounds. This is easily available and is a budget-friendly option.

To Summarize

After you go through these 11 smart kayak storage ideas

If that is also not possible, you can get a kayak cover and then convert the space under your bed for this storage purpose. There are plenty of ideas for you in this article itself. You just need to choose an idea and then bring it to action. Building your own kayak stand is as thrilling as going on a kayak trip. So you can even wear the shoes of a carpenter or smith. Or else you can get yourself a stand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Storage Ideas Expensive?

Some of the ideas are. However, you can opt the ideas like a strap system, as it is very pocket-friendly. Buying a decent cover for your kayak and storing it in the space available is also a better idea. You can even try the pocket-friendly hooks and store your kayak on the ceiling or wall.

Which Idea is the Best for Multiple Kayak Storage?

The best idea for this is to buy a kayak storage shed. However, if you think that to be very expensive, you can choose to buy a multiple kayak storage stand. You can even build your own multiple kayak storage system with wood. For two or three kayaks, you need not build or buy a multiple-kayak storage system.

Are the Storage Stands Easily Available?

Yes, the equipment is readily available on Amazon. The links are given in this article. If you think you want to explore the options, you can check on Amazon using the links given. There are plenty of kayak stands in many online as well as offline stores. Like the need for kayaks, the need for storage stands is also increasing day by day.