The 21 Ultimate DIY Hat Rack Ideas for an Organized Collection

What is your early memory of wearing a hat? It is that one rare childhood memory of ours donning which we have flexed a lot during that time. Generally, the Interest and curiosity in maintaining our persona board of accessories begin during adolescence.

And out of many accessories available, one of the most common yet stylish ones both for men and women is the hats. Hats and caps initially started out as a sun protectant but soon became the style statement owing to the variations it encompasses. Hats bring along a composure that needs to be maintained, which is ensured through their proper positioning while not in use.

To help you to carry your style statement forward, we in this blog have curated some creative hat rack ideas which won’t just help you keep your rack safe but will also play a role in revamping up your home’s aesthetics in its entirety.

Wall-Mounted Racks for Hanging Your Hat

1. Wood Frame Wall Hanging

Wood Frame Wall Hanging

This is one of the most common and widely used hat racks. Here a wooden frame is screwed and attached to the wall. Furthermore, other screws or hooks are pinned on the wooden frame creating a hooded structure.We can then hang the hats into the pins, making it one of the easiest and most convenient hat rack ideas. The structure is very simple to construct and can also be done at home. A perfect option for DIY hat rack ideas.

2. Steel Wall Hanger

Steel Wall Hanger

Steel Hangers are readily available in the market and are often chosen to be used for hanging clothes, bags, or hats. Steel hangers can be easily bought from shops. However, it can be a bit costly since it’s steel that we are buying. The hanger cannot be made by yourself.

Any difference in design will only be entertained if we order a customized wall hanger, which will increase the costs. Furthermore, it is a very handy and useful product that will also help in properly aligning our hats and caps.

3. Simple Hat Organizer with Wall Knobs

Simple Hat Organizer with Wall Knobs

Another DIY option for hat rack ideas can be to drill holes in the wall and hammer the screw into it. Screws are one of the most affordable and easy DIY to help with urgent organization, although they can mess with the overall look of the room. We can use some different shapes and designs of screws as well from the decorating perspective. Even with interesting wall knobs, the hat rack will be very affordable and easy to use.

4. Kitchen Wire Mesh

Kitchen Wire Mesh

Many interior decorators make us incorporate a wire mesh in the kitchen for its utility to create a cabinet or secure the house from rats or insects. The usage of the wire mesh depends on the size of the square made after the wire is woven. The closely packed mesh is ideal for rats and insects. Moreover, the widely spaced wire mesh is suitable for putting utensils or hanging them. Put the wire mesh in the living room or bedroom and hang the hats with a clothespin.

5. Golf Club and Ropes DIY

Golf Club and Ropes DIY

It is common to find old and abandoned golf clubs or badminton rackets in our store rooms or parents’ homes. This equipment can be used to make an easy DIY hat rack by fixing it on the wall.

So, this is how we must go about it. Take2 or 3 nails as per requirement and fix them on the wall at an equitable distance. Now fix the golf club or badminton racket on the nails and let it hang. Put small curtain hangers on the handle of the equipment and fix it on the wall permanently. ‘

Now, you can hang plenty of caps and hats on the tiny hangers and enjoy your creation.

6. PVC Pipes or Metal Rods

PVC Pipes or Metal Rods .jpg

There are quite some chances then we can find abandoned PVC pipes or metal rods in the store room of your home. Just pick the appropriate size required from the store room, doesn’t matter if it is a pipe or rod.

Fix the pipe or rod horizontally on the wall using nails or screws. Thin ropes can also be used to double sure of the fixation. Then hang ropes of the same size from the pipe or rod. Use a clothespin and start hanging the hats or caps. The hat rack is completed.

7. Adhesive Wall Hooks

Adhesive Wall Hooks

Remember using cartoon wall hooks to decorate the walls of the room or house in your childhood? The same can be used as one of the simple hat rack ideas. Nowadays, we can find varied wall hooks coming in different shapes and sizes. The characters are also varied and can match any of the requirements as per will. So, the number of wall hooks bought can define the design of the hat rack.

8. Soft Board Remedy

Soft Board Remedy

Soft boards or whiteboards are usually available in every home nowadays. However, it comes in very handy but starts to lose its use when we grow up. Not everyone loves to decorate the boards or use them for work.

So, for all those who want to use the boards productively, try this DIY. Simply hang the hats or caps into the board using respective board pins respectively. The hat rack is ready. Shifting the area of the board can also be done depending on the space available.

9. Basketball Rescue

Basketball Rescue

For all the people who loved shooting hoops back in high school must have basketball pegboards lying somewhere in their store room. Maybe it could still be hanging in the room with no use now. So, let’s bring it to some use now and make our mom happy.

Peg Boards already have holes drilled in its body. Use these holes to put hooks across it. Now hang the hats and caps as many require. The hat rack is ready.

10. Design the Space Above the Headboard

Soft Board Remedy

Many people use the space above headboards in the bedroom to place huge frames of themselves and family. But for all the DIY creators, we have a different concert for the same space. Pick any idea mentioned above for placing hooks or screws in the wall.

Customize the placement of the hooks or screws upon personal will. Now hang some beautiful hats from the collection and enjoy a different vibe of the room. The place will look even better if the color of the hats and the room decor contrast or complement each other.

11. Lego Hat Rack

Lego Hat Rack

Lego is a pretty interesting game that almost all kids love. However, it becomes kind of an extra item in the room when children grow up, and there’s no one to play with them. Don’t worry; we have a creative solution to the problem. Construct a rod-like structure from the Lego using vibrant color combinations and place metal or plastic hooks into them.

The surface of the Lego will help in the placement of the hook appropriately. Now, use the screws or nails hanging on the wall and place the Lego hat rack there. Ropes can also be attached to the hooks. The number of caps and hats increases the number of hooks.

12. Old Pieces of Wood

Old Pieces of Wood

It is possible to find old door frames or rectangular pieces of wood in the store room or the attic. If you find any, simply fix it in the wall using screws or nails and attach some hooks.

Here metal hooks go perfectly as per use. The hat rack is ready. It’s not always that the old stuff is useless. Refurbishing it makes it better than even new furniture. Remember, old is gold!

Furniture-Based Hat Racks

13. Dressing Table Mirror

Dressing Table Mirror

The most frequent idea used to place the hats is the long mirrors in the room. It is a plus point if it has a wooden frame attached to it. Well, we have a simple hack to make this place a permanent abode for hats or caps. Simply pin some nails or hooks into the sides of the wooden frame as per choice.

The placement of the hooks or sce=rews is completely customizable. Make sure they are not placed close to the mirror. Otherwise, it will obstruct the mirror and create problems.

14. A-Rod in the Wardrobe

A-Rod in the Wardrobe

There is always a rod or hanger in our wardrobe that is dedicated to undergarments and socks. Buy some small hangers and hang the caps and hats appropriately. This works best if the number of hats and caps is less. Then the entire collection can be placed into one corner of the wardrobe.

It is not always possible to find a dedicated rod in the wardrobe. However, you can easily buy a wardrobe hanger with additional small hangers attached to the body to hang caps and hats as per requirement. Also, you can get a rod fixed by yourself in the wardrobe to accommodate the hats neatly.

15. Use the Side Space of The Wardrobe

Use the Side Space of The Wardrobe

Mostly the wardrobe structure has one side of the corner peeking out into the room. This space can act as a perfect example for easy hat rack ideas. Place a metal rod or adhesive wall hook rod and fix it on the outer space of the cupboard.

Now, the hat rack is ready to hang on as many hats and caps as you wish to accommodate. This helps in easy accessibility to the hats. Just be careful that the rack isn’t coming in the way of the door. If it is, it might create a disturbance, and the idea can become a pain than a bane.

16. The Door of The Wardrobe

The Door of The Wardrobe

One of the inside parts of the doors of the wardrobe can be used as a hat rack. Usually, we find a metal rod or adhesive plastic hook attached to the inside area of the doors to hang clothes or bags.

The same space can be used to hang caps and hats. This will help in keeping all the accessories in the same place. Further helping in accessorizing each outfit perfectly with all the elements.

17. The Last Drawer of the Cupboard


The last drawer of the cupboard is usually used to keep either footwear or extra random things we own. If you own a shoe rack at home, one of the drawers is ready to become a perfect hat rack. The drawer is made of perfect height to accommodate the hats and caps with ample amount of space.

A perfect hat rack idea with no extra nail to hammer. You might want to add a thin film covering the top of the rack so that the hat does not get destroyed by the constant push and pull of the drawer.

18. Old Furniture

Old Furniture .jpg

It is possible to own some old furniture kept as an extra while new furniture takes its place. If there is any abandoned cupboard in the store room, use it as a repurposed wardrobe for hanging coats, umbrellas, and hats. A rustic wardrobe at the entrance of the house or beside the door gives out an earthy character to the entrance and the house overall. Even some small drawers or side tables will be perfect for executing an easy hat rack idea.

19. Coat Hanger

Coat Hanger

There is a hat rack idea that is already present in all of our homes. The coat hanger. Rapid changes in temperatures all throughout the year make it a necessary piece of furniture of its own. The hangers at the top of the furniture can be used to keep your hats.

The restricted number of hangers does not cause major problems with the storage of hats. It is always possible to keep the hats one above the other in an overlapping manner to save space and easy accessibility to hats.

20. Space Above the Fireplace

Space Above the Fireplace .jpg

The possibility of having traditional and rustic fireplaces is quite limited. Most people now prefer electric fireplaces. However, if you own a traditional fireplace, we have a perfect hat rack idea for you. The area above the fireplace is decorated with a wooden shelf to exhibit showpieces or photo frames.

It is a go-to place to hang Christmas stockings and put on streamers. Now, use the hooks in which stockings are hung to hang caps or hats. If there is no hook, kindly hammer a few according to the area and enjoy a hat rack cum décor place.

21. Buy Hat Holders

Buy Hat Holders

Just like a cake holder, a circular rotating table is a few inches high from the table. It is frequently used to keep the cakes. Similar to this comes hat holders. The only difference is that instead of a table, there is a wooden structure that is standing in the middle of the circular board.

The wood standing in the middle is the holder and is rounded at the top. The holder is rounded to facilitate keeping hats. It is a piece of equipment usually seen in hat stores. We can find them right from outside, through the glass.


Hats are an age-old accessory that has been worn and slayed by men and women both. Hats of different kinds have always been present in the British monarchy and continue to exist.

Influenced by this, many hat makers try experimenting with different patterns and shapes to set the trend. It is one accessory that allows us to pull off a royal look as well as a street look. Now who wouldn’t wish to be able to pull off both looks?

These hat rack ideas will come in very handy for all who are of the view that a hat is an essential addition to their style. Some of the ideas also help with the easy management of hats brought in by guests. This helps in putting out a good impression too.

We believe these listed 21 unique ideas would be of immense help to go by when looking for hat rack ideas, do let us know how do you think of these ideas and how you are proceeding to proceed with the one in your next renovation project.