24 Craft Room Organization And storage Tips to Keep Your Space Tidy

Crafting is a delightful hobby that allows us to unleash our creativity and produce beautiful works of art. However, one common challenge that crafters face is keeping their craft room organized and clutter-free. With numerous supplies, tools, and materials, it’s easy for chaos to take over. Thus, to avoid such situations, craft room organization is essential.

In this blog, you will learn the creative ways to organize your craft room. Here you will find a solution to every problem. You can pick the right idea to store and arrange. These arrangements will even keep your art necessities neat and clean.

So, let’s get started and learn the best idea for your craft room.

Craft Room Organization Idea

1. Label Storage

Label Storage

Not everything needs to be aesthetic or appealing. There are some times when things are needed to be kept organized and functional. To keep your craft room organized, use the Label storage method for this. With the help of different baskets, you can keep track of your art supplies. Like, Woven baskets are mostly used to keep your brushes according to the size. They keep your brushes moist and smooth, which later gives you smooth strokes.

Plastic Baskets, on the other hand, are ideal for storing paint. The plastic materials create a vacuum environment which increases the shelf life of the colors. Wooden Countertopsare good for keeping crayons and spray bottles. Their smooth and sturdy construction makes the arrangement easy and convenient. While working, you can easily spot the colors required for your artistic project.

2. Pegboards Storage

Pegboards Storage

If your room is small and you want a space-efficient craft room organization, then go for Pegboards Storage. They are an all-in-one storage unit that can accommodate all your art supplies. In pegboards, you have various options to organize your art supplies. As Pen Holders, there are mostly two slots, and their size may vary according to the size of the pegboards. You can store your sketch pens and pencils in it.

Clippers are another useful storage solution. You can use it to hang your favorite artwork securely, which will also motivate you to work harder. You can also use the clipper area to hold your inspirational quotes or To-Do list that keeps you motivated. Hooksare versatile hanging options. They are durable and can hold your various items like keychains or mugs. And the holders on the pegboards can help you keep your brushes, tapes, and glues.

3. Repurpose Closet

Repurpose Closet

Don’t want to buy extra furniture to keep your art supplies, then repurpose your closet into a craft organization. You can make some space for your crafts by adding some plastic boxes inside it. This method is good for the ones who bring limited stock. Thus, you can manage the available space and store the supplies efficiently.

For feasibility, you can use the plastic boxes to keep the art supplies and then the rest space in the shelve for your clothes and jewelry or anything. Find the right vacant spot and occupy the space with your art supplies. Before, they messed up the floor.

4. Multi-Shelving Units

Multi-Shelving Units

One shelf for all your artistic needs. You can get a Five-tier metal shelf or Bamboo shelf,whichever you find more durable. You can make a choice based on your need. Suppose you want something which doesn’t need much maintenance, then Bamboo Shelf is perfect because wood never rusts and keeps you tension free. Their maximum shelf life is five years and even more if they are kept away from water. Whereas, in Metal Shelf, they can survive for ages but need some maintenance.

5. Supplies Holder

Supplies Holder

You don’t need a big investment; you just need a companion for your desk. Then go for the Supplies holder; in these, you get various spaces and divisions for your every art supply. In this, you get two slots for keeping a pen and brushes. The holder for your notebooks and some more divisions for your colors and everything. Thus, making your craft room organization easy and feasible.

The best part of the Supplies Holder is the visibility which makes the finding process a lot easier. You can even find some of the holders where you can adjust the size based on your needs. In the supplies holder, there are many sizes and designs available hence, a diverse craft room organization option.

6. Swinging Storage Unit

Swinging Storage Unit

Have to stick to the floor to complete your artwork. And you are tired of finding your stuff in between the work. To avoid this, get a Swinging Storage Unit in which you can take all your art supplies in any corner. Rotating the shelf makes your adjustment easy, in which you can get everything from wherever you are sitting. In this, you can use various types of shelves, but the iron meshwork structures are best because that makes spotting easy and convenient.

7. Adhesive Drawers

Adhesive Drawers

Want a craft room organization for your table? Then get an adhesive drawer. These bins are convenient. Just buy the size which can stick to your desk and is best for your storage needs. Stick it below your desk and organize your art supplies in it.

This will become a hidden storage and doesn’t need much space. There are double drawers and single big drawers available, therefore, making it a diverse option. You can even use a Hanging Bag, which has many pockets to accommodate all your necessities.

8. Craft Table

Craft Table

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of a table and a storage unit for your craft room, a multi-purpose craft table is the way to go. With a Craft Table, you not only get a sturdy and functional workspace but also the added benefit of built-in storage options.

There is a second variety of craft tables, including a side storage unit and a drawer on its countertop. This design provides additional storage options for your smaller art supplies like scissors, pens, brushes, and other tools that you frequently use while crafting. With these compartments conveniently located within arm’s reach, you can keep your workspace tidy and organized, making it a breeze to find and retrieve the materials you need.

9. Rolling Storage

Rolling Storage

Are you tired of your craft room being cluttered and disorganized? Well, say goodbye to the mess and welcome productivity and organization with the help of Rolling Storage. These versatile and convenient storage solutions are designed to make your craft room organization a breeze.

With multiple tiers available, you can choose a Rolling Storage unit that best suits your needs. Whether you opt for a three-tier, four-tier, or five-tier unit, each level provides ample space to store your art supplies. This allows you to designate different tiers for different types of supplies, making it easy to locate and access everything you need for your projects.

10. Cube Units

Cube Units

Optimize your craft room organization with Cube Units. They are so good, and we think that this can become affordable and the best method for your craft room. In these cube units, you can fit anything, whether it’s your paintbrushes or your notebooks.

They are also easy to use you can use like three to four boxes and adjust all your supplies in them. You can buy cardboard cube units which can late be recycled. You can even decorate them using the stickers. Therefore, making them pleasing and admirable for your room.

11. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves .jpg

Transform your craft room into an organized and visually appealing space with the addition of floating shelves. These versatile shelves not only provide functional storage for your art supplies but also serve as an impressive design element that enhances the overall aesthetic of your room.

With floating Shelves, you can create a designated space for your art supplies. Arrange your paintbrushes, markers, sketchbooks, and other materials in an organized manner, making them easily accessible whenever inspiration strikes.

12. Hanging Drawers

Hanging Drawers

Hanging drawers are an excellent addition to any craft room, providing a versatile and space-saving storage solution. These drawers can be easily hung in your desired location, allowing you to make the most of vertical space and keep your supplies within reach. The convenience of hanging drawers extends beyond their portability. With their internal dividers, these drawers offer efficient organization options.

This makes them ideal for individuals who frequently shift or rearrange their craft room setup. Simply fold the hanging drawers like clothes and store them away when not in use, reducing furniture weight and providing flexibility in your craft room organization. It will keep your art supplies organized and provide you with ample room to focus on your artwork and immerse yourself in the creative process.

13. Rolling Carts

Rolling Carts

Upgrade your craft room to the next level of organization and functionality with the addition of Rolling Carts. These versatile storage solutions provide a range of benefits, including convenient accessibility, ample storage space, and the ability to move your supplies around as needed easily.

In these carts, there is a top cover where you can keep your laptop, tablet, and phone. Under the countertop, there is space in which you can keep your small items like brushes and paint. They are solid and durable, and they can support all their weight. They seamlessly blend with the interior and have wheels for smooth movement.

14. Paint Storage Shelves

Paint Storage Shelves

If you’re an avid painter, a Paint Storage Shelves is a must-have addition to your craft room. These shelves are designed specifically to accommodate paint tubes, brushes, and other painting supplies, offering a practical and organized solution for your painting utilities.

Paint storage shelves are a game-changer craft room organization for artists and painters. By providing an organized solution for your painting utilities, these shelves eliminate clutter, keep track of your paints, and enhance your overall painting experience. Choose the size that suits your needs.

15. Drawer Divider

Drawer Divider

If you have a table with available space but struggle to use it effectively for craft room organization, investing in Drawer Divider can be a game-changer. Drawer dividers are versatile storage solutions that can transform a cluttered drawer into a neatly organized space for your art supplies.

This storage solution is especially beneficial for artists who frequently work on their tables to create artwork. With drawer dividers in place, you can keep your most-used supplies easily accessible and organized. It eliminates the need to search for items or deal with a messy workspace, enabling you to focus on your creative process.

16. Scrap Fabric Organizer

Scrap Fabric Organizer

Artists are known for their resourcefulness and creativity, and the scrap fabric organizer is a perfect example of making the most out of what you have. This DIY craft room organization not only helps you keep your art supplies organized but also gives a new life to old cloth through recycling.

To create the scrap fabric organizer, you’ll need approximately 3 meters of cloth, preferably in a sturdy material like canvas or denim. Once you have the fabric, cut it into the desired size and shape for your organizer. You can create pockets of different sizes to accommodate various art supplies such as paintbrushes, scissors, markers, and more.

17. PVC Storage Units

PVC Storage Units

If you prefer a simpler and quicker craft room storage solution, PVC storage units are an excellent choice. These DIY organizers require minimal materials and can be assembled with ease. All you need is a small piece of PVC pipe and some basic crafting supplies.

If you don’t have pieces, then cut the pipe into small sections by measuring your art supplies and paste them in a cross pattern. You can color the PVC Pipes for decoration and even add some stickers and stones. For support, it’s better to use a wood stand.

18. Repurpose File Cabinet

Repurpose File Cabinet

If you’re looking for an alternative storage solution for your art supplies and don’t have access to pipes or cloth, repurposing a file cabinet can be a brilliant option. File Cabinetoffers a built-in organizational system with various divisions that are perfect for keeping your craft room tidy.

The compartments in a file cabinet are typically designed to hold documents, but they can easily be adapted to accommodate art supplies of different sizes and shapes. You can use the divisions to separate and store items such as paints, sketchbooks, paper pads, scissors, rulers, and other crafting tools.

19. Repurpose Stool to Organizer

Repurpose Stool to Organizer

If you have an old stool lying around, why not repurpose it for craft room organization? This creative solution allows you to transform an unused piece of furniture into a functional storage unit. By flipping the stool upside down, you create a perfect base for adding compartments to store your art supplies.

Depending on your needs, you can customize the stool to have a single large compartment or multiple sections to keep your supplies organized. You can use dividers or even small containers to create designated spaces for different items, such as brushes, markers, pens, and small tools.

20. Magnet Containers

Magnet Containers

Magnet Containers for your craft room organization can be a great option. In this, you can either craft or buy your magnet containers. You can buy the containers with magnets or even with hooks based on the space and spot available in your room. It’s better to go for the hook containers as they are available in various designs and materials.

If you are thinking of preparing the container, then you just need cardboard and a magnet. You can even customize the size and design as per your preference. By this, you can build a container that can never be found over the internet or in the market.

21. Craft a Supplies Frame

Craft a Supplies Frame

One more fantastic DIY craft room organization idea involves using frames with pockets to keep your art supplies neatly organized. This creative storage solution not only adds a touch of visual appeal to your craft room but also provides easy access to your frequently used tools and materials.

Frames are easy to make and, with some pockets, can be used for storage. Please use this frame for brushes or tube paints. Being of cardboard, it will not be able to support the weight of heavy art supplies. For heavy art supplies, go for wooden cardboard, as they are durable and can support the weights of your supplies.

22. Rotating Desk Organizers

Rotating Desk Organizers

Igneous Tool for your craft room organization, which will enhance your productivity. It comes with a rotating feature which reduces your time in searching for the right object for your work. Multiple tiers in the Organizer can make the organization easy and comfortable.

Being spacious and durable, they can save space on your desk. It will increase the sophistication of your desk, and when things are clean and organized, then personal productivity will enhance twice. You can purchase the various sizes in these Rotating Desk Organizers.

23. Paint Brush Holder

Paint Brush Holder

Every painter loves their paint brushes and wants to keep them safe and secure. In Paintbrush Holder is something that a painter should have. In the holder, there are many compartments for all your paint brushes; you can organize them based on the sizes of the brushes.

You can even carry the pouch anywhere with you. Always buy the paintbrush holder, which is made of a double-layer holder, because that is a durable and high-end product. Thus, becomes a valuable investment.

24. Paint Stoarge Unit

Paint Stoarge Unit

A Rotating Paint Storage Unit is efficient for all your paint; there is ample space for all your paint. Roating makes every part easily accessible; therefore, avoid rummaging through the whole shelf. You can categorize the paints by size, brand, and color on these shelves.

Being a compact structure accommodates all your paints in one place. You can even use the top compartments for your painting purpose. Thus, making it a multi-purpose storage unit.


An organized craft room is important for creativity. Whenever a person enters a clean room, then his or her brain works efficiently and welcomes new ideas. Craft room organization Is not a big task; it just needs some time. In the blog, there are 24 different ideas for your craft room. You just have to pick the most convenient organizer for yourself.

Embrace your craft room with the best idea you found and the easiest you can use it. There are all types of ideas mentioned, from space efficiency to DIY. Without wasting much time, just get started and organize your desk in the way you find convenient.

If you loved the blog, do share it with your painter friend, and if you try any of the above ideas, do share your experience in the comment section.