30 Fun and Simple Drawing Ideas to Inspire Your Kids

Drawing is an activity that has been loved by kids the most cause it is a fun activity through which kids can express their feelings through imagination. Drawing may seem like a simple activity to you, but it can increase someone’s concentration and problem-solving skills.

This can engage children for a long period. As we all know that a kid is a budding artist and does not know a lot about drawing, and if some ideas are provided, then it will boost their confidence in drawing.

In this blog, we brought you 30 easy drawing ideas, especially for kids. These drawing ideas will not only help them develop their skills but will boost their confidence. The below range from different shapes, sizes, colors, and types.

1. The Sun

The Sun

Drawing the sun is very easy; it is just like you drawing a circle. First, start drawing a big circle at the center of the paper; this will be the main body of the sun. Then we will move on to the radiations moving at the outward side of the sun by drawing straight or curved lines. It‘s totally on you how big you want them.

After that, you can use colors, mostly yellow and orange. You can even make a smiley face in the sun, giving it a little childish look.

2. The Moon

The Moon .jpg

To make the moon, you must take a black color. Then draw a big circle at the center of the paper. This will be the basic or the main shape of the circle. After that, add a little texture to the moon by slightly shading the surface with a pencil; this will represent the rough surface of the moon. You can also create curved lines and dots to imitate the moon’s rough surface.

Now, smoothen the edges to give it a clean look. You can also draw straw stars at the back of the moon to give it a more realistic look. You can use silver and white colors.

3. The Earth

The Earth .jpg

Drawing Earth is an advantage to the kids as it will help them to learn about our planet. To draw the earth first you have to create a circle on the paper and divide it in half horizontally as it will represent the equator, now draw a series of wavy lines on the circle you can even take ideas from a map or globe. Now use blue color for water and green and yellow color for land areas of the earth.

This is one of those drawing ideas which will be loved by kids. Also, they will get to know about our planet Earth. This will be an initiative to bring kids closer to our planet.

4. Fish


Kids can master and enjoy drawing fish. A blue sheet of paper is recommended for this as it will look at water. To draw a fish, you must first draw an oval shape slightly tilted in an upwards direction, which will be the main body of the fish. To make a mouth, draw a triangle shape at the front of the oval shape towards the inside. Then draw eyes to the upper half of the fish, fins of the fish up and down of oval shape.

Now draw some scales to give a real touch to the drawing. Curves can be drawn using small curved lines. Bubbles coming out of the fish’s mouth can also be added.

5. Duck


Drawing a duck may seem difficult to some but trust me, it is not as challenging as it appears to be. To draw a duck, first start drawing a small oval shape for the duck’s head, add a slightly curved line at the bottom for the neck, and then draw a big oval shape below the neck which will be the duck’s body. Now slightly extend the body to make a tail after that, draw a small circle to draw the wings.

Below the body, you can make duck feet below the body by using curved lines at the bottom. The color that can be used is yellow for the upper part and light orange color for the feet and beak.

6. Teddy Bear


This is one of those drawing ideas which will be loved and enjoyed by kids. To make a teddy bear drawing, you must draw two circle shapes attached. One is small and above, and the other is giant and below; the smaller one will be the head, and the giant one will be the body. Now draw the teddy bear’s eyes, ears, nose, hands, and legs. You can color the bear by choosing the color of your choice.

7. Raining Clouds

Raining Clouds

Raining clouds is one of those drawing ideas which are very easy and fun to draw. Using light pencil strokes, you can draw a cloud. Make sure to draw an elongated cloud to give it a raincloud appearance. If you want to create a 3D look, then you can extend the clouds on both sides. To show rain, you can draw drops beneath the cloud. The raindrops must be thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom.

8. Butterfly


To draw a butterfly, you must draw two threes, one opposite and the other real joined together, leaving a space of 1 inch between them; these are the wings of a butterfly. Now draw an oval shape between that 1 inch. Then draw a small circle above that oval shape. Now draw antennas and eyes on that small circle. And draw any designs you wish to draw on the wings of butterflies. You can also choose the color of your choice.

9. Watermelon


Drawing and coloring a watermelon is super fun. For that, you must draw a large oval shape at the center of the paper, which will be the main body of the watermelon. Now, draw a curved line situated slightly below the top of the oval, which will represent the outer rind of a watermelon. Now draw some curves inside the oval shape, which will work as a design of watermelon.

Now you can color the watermelon by using two colors light green and dark green. Inside of the curves must be colored dark green and out of it light green.

10. Hand Peacock

Hand Peacock.jpg

Place your hand on a sheet of paper and take the outline of your hand. The thumb must be away from the fingers. The thumb will function as the head of the peacock, and the other fingers will function as the peacock feathers. Now to complete the head, give it the features like eyes, a beak, and some feathers above the head. Moving on to the last step, color it like a regular peacock.

11. Rainbow Cloud

Rainbow Cloud

To draw a rainbow cloud, first, you need to draw two clouds away from each other and then draw seven curved lines away from each other, joining the clouds. Your rainbow cloud is almost ready here. Now color the rainbow with seven colors violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Your rainbow cloud is ready. Adding smiley faces on the cloud will make the drawing more childish.

12. Snake


Drawing a snake is super easy, just joining two curved lines together, making it large from above and small from below. Make eyes on the upper part, and now you’re done. You can also make scales and designs of your choice on the snake inside it. Now, you can add the color of your choice. As we are talking about kids drawing ideas, make sure to make snakes colorful.

13. Pineapple

Pineapple .jpg

A pineapple is a fun and unique thing to draw. Start with a round edges rectangle which is small and rounder at the top; as this article is about kids drawing ideas, we can draw a smiley instead of plain pineapple. You can color the body of the pineapple with light orange or yellow color. For the leaves which is at the above of pineapple, you can color them green,

14. Apple


“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This value can be learned by the kids. These drawing ideas teach the value of healthy food to the kids. Drawing an apple is simple and a cup of tea. To create an apple, you must join two threes facing each other, one above and one at the bottom, including a stem and a leaf. Now, color the apple with red or green, the stem brown, and the leaf with green color. A smiley can also be added.

15. House


To draw the house’s base or foundation, you must create a square and a rectangle. Above that creates a triangle that will function as a roof. Now, draw a rectangular door at the center and two windows above the right and left of the base. You can create this house by choosing your size. Don’t forget to draw a chimney at the top of the roof, and your house is ready.

Now, start coloring the house by choosing the color of your choice.

16. A simple landscape

A simple landscape

These kinds of drawing ideas try to bring kids closer to nature, which is a positive aspect. To draw a simple landscape. Start drawing a horizontal line at the bottom of the page, which will represent the ground. Now construct a house by following the above steps. Draw a pathway which is leading to the house by drawing two parallel curved lines. Now draw some trees, bushes, and mountains to maintain some greenery, and at last, construct some small curved lines.

Now start coloring them with the color of your choice. Except for trees, bushes, and mountains, you can color them green.

17. Ice cream

Ice cream

To make ice cream, first, you need to draw a cone which will be the base of the ice cream. Inside the cone, draw curved lines which will represent ice cream scoops. You make them the size or number you want. Just draw a half circle for the scoop. Now start coloring the scoop with your favorite flavor. You can even add the color of sprinkles or Choco chips at the top of the scoops. Also, color the cone with skin color.

18. Lollipop


Drawing a lollipop is the easiest among the drawing ideas we have come through till now; here, you have drawn a circle at the top, which will be the candy part, and now draw a straight line extending from the bottom of the circle. This will be the stick of the lollipop. Now give them the color of your choice. To give it a 3D or realistic look, you can even shade and highlight the candy part of the drawing.

19. A Boat

A Boat

To draw a boat you must follow the given steps. Start drawing a horizontal line near the bottom of your paper; this line will be the waterline. From the left end of the waterline, draw a curved line upward to form the hull of the board. Extend the line back down, creating a gentle curve to complete the bottom of the board. Now color the boat with crayons, markers, and pencil colors, taking the colors of your choice.

20. Sky


To draw a sky, take a white paper and color it blue with crayons or pencil colors, then draw clouds using white color. You can also add the sun (you can see the construction of the sun in the above image). The addition of a smiley face in clouds and the sun will make it better. You can take reference from the image available above.

21. A Door

A Door .jpg

Making a door is like eating a cupcake; you just need to draw a rectangle. Then add a door knob to the door. To give more detail, shade them with pencil colors or crayons. Now your door is ready. This is one of those drawing ideas which is very easy to draw. A little reference from the above image can be taken.

22. Strawberry


Drawing strawberries is also very easy when executing the making of strawberries. You just have to draw a rounded triangle. Then some short leaves at the top of the strawberry. The size depends on you if you want it big or small. Typically you can use red color for the strawberry and green color for the leaves. Create strawberry seeds as shown in the above picture. Do not forget to add a smiley this will give a cute look to the strawberry.

23. A ladybug

A ladybug

To draw a ladybug head first, you need to draw a small circle. From the head, extend a slightly curved line downward for the ladybug’s body. Draw a larger oval shape below the body to complete the ladybug’s body. For the eyes, draw two smaller circular shapes on the top of the head. Now draw the wings, legs, and mouth of the ladybug’s body. Add spots on the ladybug’s wings and body. Also, don’t forget to draw the antennas on the top of the head. Now color the bug like a regular one.

24. Bunch of Grapes

Bunch of Grapes .jpg

Start drawing a curved line in a slightly diagonal direction. This line will serve as the outline for the grapes. Now start drawing grapes from the top of the cluster by using an oval shape. The grapes must be adjacent to each other. Continue the series till you reach the end. For a realistic appearance, you can even overlap the grapes. Also, you can draw the grape in different sizes small or large doing this will provide a realistic look.

Shade if needed for the 3D look and put the color green or purple up to your choice.

25. Cute Bunny

Cute Bunny .jpg

This is one of those drawing ideas which comes in the category of cuteness. To make a cute bunny, start drawing an “m” to elongate the lines to create ears. Now at the base of the ear, where we can see the space, draw a circle which will be the body of the circle, leaving some space at the bottom. Now draw below to backward 3s, which will function as the body. Now give the face features like eyes, a nose, and a small tail at the back. Do not forget to add cuteness to the face, which is the highlight of the image.

26. Tree


Drawing is a great way to make kids practice lines and shapes, which will make them understand the beauty of nature. To draw this, start drawing the vertical line at the center of the paper, which will function as the trunk of the tree. From the top of the trunk, draw several branches (you can even draw flowers or fruits of your choice). To complete your tree add some leaves to the branches. Don’t forget to add grasses or bushes at the bottom of the tree. To give it a more realistic look.

27. Car


Start by drawing a rectangular shape with slightly curved edges that will work as the car’s body or the base of the car. Add two circles at the bottom corners of the rectangle, making sure that they are proportional. To make the car’s roof draw a trapezoidal shape above the base of the car we drew before. Draw vertical lines on the rectangle shape and make sure that they align together. At last, add other features like windows and windshields.

28. Caterpillar


Drawing ideas like caterpillar are really easy. From the top center of your paper, now draw a long curved line extending from the head to create a body. Make sure that the lines are wavy. Now. Coming to the part of the segment, draw small, curved lines across the length of the body. This length should be similar in size and shape. Now, at the front of the caterpillar’s head, draw two small circles. Remember to add legs.

Now add a smiley at the head of the caterpillar and give it a color of your choice.

29. Mushroom


Start making a mushroom by creating a slightly curved vertical line that will work as the mushroom’s stem. At the top of the stem, draw a slightly rounded, flat oval shape to represent the mushroom face or cap. You can add textures or designs of your choice on the cap or face. Add the color of your choice, and add a few short horizontal lines at the bottom of the stem to represent the connection between the stem and the ground. This will add a realistic look to the drawing.

30. Mountains


Coming to the last drawing ideas among all to create mountains, we must start with the base. Now, draw a slightly curved line across the middle of your paper this will represent the horizon. Now, draw outlines of the mountains by using gentle jagged lines to create irregular patterns in the height and width of the peaks to add depth and realism. At last, start shading, and don’t forget to add elements like trees, grass, bushes, etc.


These were the 30 drawing ideas for kids. We hope you will have fun while executing these ideas. Among these 30 drawing ideas, you can use your creativity and create your own and teach the kids.

Get into an exciting adventure by following these ideas while you are nurturing their imagination. Always encourage your kids to use different colors. And don’t forget to have fun while engaged in this activity.

Always remember that drawing is a creative process, so always feel free to add your features to the drawing. You can use your right to creative liberty here.

Which of the drawing ideas mentioned above do you like the most let us know in the comment box!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Easiest Thing for Kids to Draw?

There are many easy things for kids to draw, for instance, shapes like squares, circles, rectangles, etc. Objects like the sun and moon trees are also very easy to draw. We have also mentioned 30 easy drawing ideas for kids in the above blog. You can take ideas from it.

How Do You Teach Easy Drawing to Your Kids?

Always start with the basics like shapes and then some very basic drawings like the sun, moon, etc. After that, you can increase the level in the process. Don’t forget to encourage them if they fail. Also, do not forget to make them practice daily.

What Are the Basics of Drawing for Kids?

First, they must start learning by drawing lines and edges, then start drawing shapes when they become perfect at these things. That means they are ready and can start drawing. They can begin with the given above idea.

At What Age Kids Must Start Drawing?

Between the age of 2-5 years, as in this age, kids learn to hold pencils, and also these years are the best years for them to learn. At this age, they will grasp everything they learn quickly.